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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Happy Hanukkah, and Happy (early) Thanksgiving! With the holiday season off to a start, I just wanted to share a few tips that have helped me survive many of holiday dinners and stay well....
Don't skip breakfast, no matter how large of a meal you are anticipating.
Be a taste tester, sample foods and don't over load your plate.
Get up and move, challenge the family to a just dance competition, a game of touch football, or go for a walk (or maybe even run in turkey trot race).
Choose fruit for dessert, avoid the pecan pie, or German chocolate cake, look for the fruit crisp or pumpkin pie... Skip the a la mode.
Don't over eat, leftovers are a wonderful thing, save some of those calories for another day.
Keep the dinner conversations light and positive. Remember the true reasons for the season, and be grateful for your many blessings... Yes, that means no obnoxious family gossip, and avoid politics. Plus stressful conversations can lead to indigestion... And no one wants that!
Most importantly, enjoy your holiday season... May it be merry and bright! Stay well! 

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