Welcome to Self Soul Space! This blog is designed to bring you healthy lifestyle tips. A true healthy lifestyle, embodies a healthy mind, body, spirit, and environment. Thanks for stopping by to check out my way of living.


Healthy Environment Tips:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Reduce your Carbon Footprint
Turn off technology when not in use (computers, tv, DVD players, etc)
Turn off lights when you leave a room
Turn down your central heating system by 1-2 degrees (bonus: reducing temp by 1 degree will save about 8% on heating bill)
Fill your dishwasher & washing machines with full loads, this will save water, electricity, and detergent
Do your weekly shopping in one trip, to reduce gas usage
Carpool to work or with school drop off/pick up
Use public transportation when possible
Walk or ride a bike for short distances
Use energy saving light bulbs
Don't buy bottled water if your tap water is safe to drink, or try a filter (Brita)
-use refillable bottles
Buy local, seasonal organic fruits & vegetables (buying out of season, fruits/veggies may have been flown in)
Look for glass food storage containers, vs. plastic baggies & containers- No BPA