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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Self Soul Sunday

Happy Sunday!
The spirit is a dominant component in the human endeavor for balance and to live a holistic healthy life style. The spirit empowers the human body to move and live in optimal health or marginal existence. This existence can be characterized by the thought process which dominates the mind.  The battle of the mind is a strong force competing for control of the spirit, soul and body. Thoughts direct the actions of the body from within. At times, outside influences dominate our thoughts to wander in a direction leading to toxic behaviors. A few toxic behaviors are envy, jealousy, hatred, discord, fits of rage, impurity, and drunkenness. These toxic thoughts situated in the body can severely stress and damage internal organs; and cause a marginal existence lifestyle instead of optimal living. 
Optimal living is a holistic health life style. The spirit, soul and body is controlled by thoughts to heal, encourage, motivate, energize and challenge you to rise above current thoughts. Then be transformed into thoughts of power, love, joy, peace, faith, kindness, humility, suffering under control. A person with this spirit will navigate life’s challenges with power.  This kind of power thrives on meditation and devotion of truth and tested belief systems. The Legacy Holistic approach offers tools to help you learn to live a balanced holistic healthy lifestyle. 

Bessie Evans:  Entrepreneur, speaker, coach, Legacy Holistic Health Institute, Self Soul Space Contributor

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Self Soul Sunday

Happy Sunday and Happy September!
With the start on a new month, Every Sunday we will feature a post from our Holistic contributor Bessie Evans.  Bessie is an Entrepreneur, speaker, coach, Legacy Holistic Health Institute.

The soul can be compared to the sail of a ship and the spirit is the wind to set the soul in balance.  Balance in the soul is driven by a force to keep our thoughts, will and emotions in harmony with the plan for a day, week, month or year.   This is the life style to live in holistic health. Holistic health is attainable with a balance life, writing the plan and reviewing the plan often.  We live a daily existence engaged in movement, action and thoughts. Sometimes, at the end of the day we are unfulfilled and disappointed. Many distractions take us off track. Being balanced becomes an anchor to our rest and peace.  In the soul, the manifestation of holistic living establishes inward changes slowly which transforms to our outward appearance.
The soul is always at work protecting the unseen parts of the human body. Living a life accomplishing goals is to live exploratory and adventurously.  We learn to love our self-first, then we are efficient, to embrace the journey of the day and share with others. Soul space is a place to learn and be energize to live a life in balance. 

This is the Legacy Holistic Health approach.
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