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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Green with Envy: My Organic Matcha Recipes & Review

 I had the pleasure to try and review Organic Matcha- Green Tea Powder by Kiss Me organics.  Matcha is a strong antioxidant, it generates new brain cells which in turn helps to improve both short and long term memory.  Matcha can also help boost your metabolism, and improve your skin health.  You really don't need much, only 1/2-1 teaspoon is recommended daily.  With green tea powder you can bake with it, or add it to lattes and smoothies.  You know I love my smoothies, so that's what I decided to make.  Here are my 2 recipes that I tried...

Green Tea Smoothie serves 1
1/2 c plain Greek yogurt
2 tbsp Agave syrup
1/4 c coconut water
1/2 tsp green tea powder
1/2 c ice
1/4 green apple, chopped

Fruit & Green Tea Smoothie serves 1
1/2 c plain Greek yogurt
2 tbsp agave syrup
1/2 tsp greentea powder
1/4 c coconut water
1 handful spinach
1/2 c blueberries
Few ice cubs

How did they taste? Well, at first, I didn't know what to think... Because the green tea flavor is strong. My next smoothie, I scaled the green tea powder back some, and I enjoyed it.  As the week went on! I added more powder.  So, my recommendation is, if trying it out for the first time use just a sprinkle then add more per your taste buds.  I did find having one of my green tea smoothies seemed to help get me over my afternoon slump, which was a welcomed change. I only tried a smoothie a day for a week, so not sure if it made a big change to my metabolism... But hey... Anything can help!  One day, I will try to bake with it... Green tea lemon muffins sounds yummy... Look for that recipe in the future.  I encourage you to try Organic Matcha Green Tea powder! But remember, you only need a little bit to help kick start your metabolism and to get a full dose of antioxidants.

If you'd like to try it for yourself here's where you can get Organic Matcha by Kiss Me Organics: http://www.amazon.com/Matcha-Green-Tea-Powder-Antioxidant/dp/B00DDT116M

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baby Body: 2 months

I can't believe my baby V, is already 2 months young!!
Time flies when you're having fun... Or not sleeping! LOL!

What's been happening on the healthy living front?
Well, the past four weeks have been fun!
My first week back, I started practicing the new BodyFlow release, 64.  I also walked Glasgow park twice, and went for my first run/walk since July 2013!  How was it? Tough.  I ran 0.2 mi, then walked 0.1, alternating until I finished 2.7 miles.  I wrapped up the week by co-teaching my first BodyFlow class on Sunday.  Mentally, I started to feel back to normal... Yes!!
My second week was a little slower and basically lazy!  Boy, was I sore!  I continued to practice BodyFlow in preperation for my first class on 4/21.  I did not walk or run either, boo.
My third week, was my first week back at the YMCA!  On Monday, I taught my first class since January 30.  It was awesome, I missed my Flow-ers!  I walked Glasgow on Tuesday, and taught  BodyFlow on Thursday.  On Saturday morning, I met up with Black Girls Run, and went for a 3.5 mi run/walk... Nice but tough, since I didn't run last week at all.
My fourth week, was pretty good! I taught my two classes, walked Glasgow, ran twice: once on treadmill, and once outside at Glasgow park, and 45 min of yoga on Sunday.  I finished the week with 9.4 miles.  I even had a nice core workout after my treadmill run on Wednesday!  This was also Veronica's first week in the kid/baby zone at the YMCA.  How did she do? Great! She sleeps right thru her visit!
I still have big desires and plans to add p90x back to my routine, as well as alternating in spin class, and BodyPump.  Now, that Veronica can hang out in the kid zone, I can get more accomplished at the YMCA!

Well, what does my body look and feel like?
I weigh 134.8 lbs (down 4.2 lbs)
I decided to take measurements this week: under bust 31", top bust 34.5", waist 28", hips 38", thigh 23"
I feel good, but I am exhausted by nighttime.  I am rebuilding my stamina, flexibility, and improving my speed.  Working out at home can sometimes still pose a challenge, Veronica does enjoy being held (what baby doesn't).  So, I am working on something to occupy her while I get in a full home workout.
Here are the comparison photos:
Left 4/7/14, Right 5/7/14
What are the goals for the upcoming month?  Like I mentioned before, adding some variety to my workouts at home and at the YMCA.  I am also running the 8 person relay at the Delaware marathon on Mother's Day... I can't wait!
I hope my accounts of this month provide you with a realistic picture of how a mom of three gets back into shape.  Stay tuned for month 3.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The True Under Armor

Yay, May is finally here!  Summer-like heat and humidity are on their way, but the need for sunscreen has never left. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and the first shield between your interior organs and the environment.  So, no matter the season, you always need to protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s rays. Here are some armor ideas:

Shield your skin. Sunscreen absorbs dangerous UV-A and UV-B radiation that causes sunburn and skin cancer. It’s available with SPFs of 2-50. But how much protection is enough? The American Cancer Society and most dermatologists recommend SPF 30 or stronger year-round for most skin types; those with fairer complexions or who burn easily should consider a higher number.

Apply wisely. Generously spread sunscreen on all exposed skin; use lip balm with SPF, too. Timing matters as well: Put on sunscreen 30-120 minutes before sun exposure, then reapply every 80 minutes, more frequently if you’re swimming or sweating heavily.

Cover your eyes. UV rays can also contribute to cataracts and macular degeneration. Guard your eyes by wearing sunglasses that block 99%-100% of UV rays and screen out 75%-90% of visible light.

Keep you skin protected this spring, and all year round, and you're skin will stay healthy! Now, start digging out those swimsuits!