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Thursday, April 24, 2014

BreakFAST Oatmeal

With a new baby and 2 busy daughters, I've been looking for fast ways to grab filling meals for me.  Many times, I'm rushing in between feedings, poopy diapers, teaching my yoga class, cleaning, writing blog posts, drop-off, and pick-up... And I forget to eat real meals, not just an apple, or a piece of almond butter toast.  Here is my new favorite fast breakfast, it's oatmeal... Go figure. Not packaged oatmeal, yes, those are fast, and can be healthy.  Mine has less sugar, and is made with real fruit- fresh fruit!! It's also, very filling!!  It basically takes as much time as it takes to boil a cup of water.  I put the tea pot on, and make breakfast for frick & frack, then dump my oats and chosen fruit in a bowl. Add water then a little agave syrup or raw sugar, maybe even a little cinnamon.  

Here are the ingredients...

1/2 c Organic quick Oats
1 c boiling water
1 tbsp ground flaxseed
1/2 tsp cinnamon (optional)
1 tsp agave syrup or raw sugar (optional)
1/4 c chopped apple (or other fresh fruit, top pic has apples & blueberries)
Sprinkle of kosher salt

You can boil water and add it to ingredients, or cook oats & water in microwave, then add other ingredients.  Let sit for 3 min, so all ingredients incorporate.  Feel free to get creative here... Add nuts, fruits, etc.

Enjoy your BreakFAST!

Hhghfgkjkkjjhhvhvmhkjkjhjkh (from baby Veronica)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Taxes, Shmaxes

Yay! Tax season is over!  Congratulations you survived!  Tax season always brings unneeded stress to most Americans. With the accumulation of paperwork, finding lost receipts, filling out those pesky forms, then the mad dash to e-file or sprinting to the post office before midnight.  But how can we make this season less stressful?
First things first... Breathe! 
Now, Let's be proactive to make our 2014 tax year better than last.  

Start early... Each month, collect your receipts/statements and file away necessary receipts and documents, discard others.  At the top of each expense receipt, write what the receipt is for, the date, and the amount.  Sometimes thermal paper fades, and you can't read what the receipt was originally for.  Also, highlight expenses on monthly statements.

Be organized... Create a designated place for taxes papers and receipts.  Make sure that place is enclosed, with a good filing system.  The trusty dusty shoe box doesn't cut it.  Now is the time to hit office supply store, folders, envelopes, water proof container/filing cabinet.  Keep in mind, the IRS suggests you save your returns for up to 7 years.  You can even get colored pens and highlighters too, if you'd like.

Donate every season... Spring, summer, fall, & winter.  Make multiple charitable donations, whether money or goods, smaller donations made throughout the year, can have a bigger payoff.  If you're donating goods, doing it throughout the year, can also eliminate clutter, bonus!

IRA... If you don't have a employer sponsored 401k or retirement plan. Head to a financial institution and open up an IRA/Roth IRA.  Make small deposits through the year, adding up to maximum annual allowance. Avoid the rush to collection of money, and rush to deposit before April 15.

Save to pay... If you know, you have to pay the IRS additional money every year, start saving now.  Also, you can pre-pay the IRS quarterly, to help lessen the burden.

Filing/Paying your taxes is a part of keeping your financial house in order.  Keeping your financial house in order is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Money and taxes can be a major stress in one's life.  I hope my tips can help eliminate the stress, be prepared, feel better, and live healthy.  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Smoothie Recipe: Green Energy

I've noticed a lot of my Facebook and Instagram friends are newly into smoothies, juicing, or cleanses.  Well, here's a new recipe if you're looking for a new pick me up smoothie? Green Energy is a bright, refreshing smoothie, ready to wake you up and keep you up for the entire day!
Green Energy
Makes 2 large smoothies, 3 small

8 oz water
5 oz Spinach
1/2 cucumber (cut into smaller pieces)
1/4 apple (cut into pieces... Remaining apple from Mia's lunch)
1/2 c frozen berries
1 1/2 c frozen pineapple
Juice of 1 lime (optional to decrease amount, for desired tartness)
1 tbs ground flaxseed

Make sure larger fruit/veggies are cut into smaller pieces, makes it easy for blender.  Add ingredients to blender, blend until desired consistency.  Pour, share, and enjoy... Or save one for later.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Baby Body

Hey Self Soul Spacers, I'm back! Did you miss me?   The last five weeks with baby Veronica have been amazing.  I love being able to give her, Jordan, and Mia my undivided attention.  Not much has changed here, still cooking healthy meals, with new recipes to come in the future!!  Fortunately, I was cleared this week to get back to the fitness part of my healthy living journey.  I'm sure many of you are curious, how much weight did I gain, what does my body look like, what will my workout schedule look like???  If you're like me, I hate seeing the big pregnancy belly photo as the comparison photo to the fit body photo... It's not realistic.

Here are my numbers and photos...
My first pregnancy appointment, I weighed 130lbs.
My final pregnancy appointment (2 days before delivery), I weighed 151lbs.
Today, 4/7/14, I weigh 138lbs.
Pre-pregnancy body (6/16/13)

One week before delivery (2/22/14)

5 weeks after delivery (4/6/14)

What will my workout plan consist of???
I have not officially worked out or taught since January 30.  So, I have some catching up to do.  I will start teaching my 2 Les Mills BodyFlow class again starting the week of 4/21 (join me).  I will run 3 days a week, while adding some other at home workouts, like p90x on my non-run or teaching days.  I will continue to eat healthy and drink tons of water, and since I am breastfeeding I will not be doing any crazy cleanses.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  Will it be easy? No!  But I am doing this for me, and my family... A healthy mama, is a happy mama!