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Monday, November 18, 2013

A Thankful November: Day 17 & 18

November 17: Sunday was a long, busy day!  I wrapped up the Nashville auto show, then headed straight to the airport to fly to Charlotte then home.  After a day filled with a noisy convention center and 2 noisy airports... I am thankful for the quiet times, that are hidden in the midst of chaos.  Sneaking a quiet moment away off the show floor during a break, finding a quiet seat in bustling airport, and enjoying the quiet time on a packed airplane.  I appreciate quiet time, no matter how short or how long.  There's an old saying that says, when a loud room gets quiet all of a sudden, an angel has entered the room.  I love this thought, so I look for and am grateful for the quiet moments of each day, and the angel visits.

November 18:  Today, I am thankful for family dinner.  Yes, I am grateful for the food we have on our table, but more importantly, I am grateful for the time of day my husband, my kids, and I sit down for family dinner.  No matter how fast or home cooked the meal, I truly enjoy this time we can come together and talk about our day... Away from the TV and away from electronics.  We try very hard to make sure, we sit down to dinner almost every night... And I love it!  I am also thankful for family dinners that include our parents and extended family, and of course those wonderful holiday dinners that are coming up soon.  I learn so much from our dinners, and I look forward to them everyday!

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