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Friday, November 22, 2013

A Thankful November: Day 20, 21, 22

So, I realized, I am a little behind on my Thankful November posts... Please don't think I have run out of things to be thankful for... I don't think that could ever happened.  This week just flew by, literally, to now I am sitting on a balcony in Tampa, sharing the things I am thankful for.

November 20: This might seem silly, but everyone has their favorite show or program on tv... Tonight, I am thankful for mine.  I have been a crime drama lover since I was a little kid. I used to watch Perry Mason and Matlock with my Nana.  Then when Law & Order hit the screen, my mother and I became instant addicts.  I am thankful for the creators of Law & Order, SVU, and Criminal Intent.  I am especially grateful for NBC and new episodes of Law & Order SVU... I hope it never goes off the air! I am also thankful for all of the networks that play the old Law & Order episodes and Matlock too!

November 21:  I am truly thankful for medical doctors, specialists, and nurses.  I am amazed at their knowledge, and dedication to healing the sick, and maintaining the well.  I especially am thankful for my team of doctors and nurses that care for me and my family.  I love how my medical team listens to my concerns, values my opinion and the way I choose to live.  I am truly grateful, Thank you for keeping us well!

November 22: Today, I am thankful for girl talk and vent sessions.  I actually am a pretty private person, there are things that bother me, hurt me, worry me... And for the most part I keep them inside, until I can release them through meditation or exercising.  I don't like confrontation or arguments, and I always try to keep my blood pressure low and a smile on my face.  That being said, I am truly grateful for a good laugh or a good cry during a vent chat.  I am also thankful for those who listen, when I choose to confide in them.  Thank you, for being open, non judgmental, and allowing me to vent when I need to.

What are you thankful for?

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