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Monday, January 23, 2012

Setting & Sticking to Health Goals

Every week, I tell my twitter followers to set their Health Goals for the week.. But do they stick to them?  How about those New Year's health resolutions & goals?  Every year, month, week, and day, I set big, medium, and small health goals.  By setting smaller, attainable goals each day/week (helps get you to larger goals), allows you to see progress and stay committed to your health.

Here's how to make small goals get you to larger goals:
  • Make a list of your Ultimate Healthy Goals, and share it with someone who has similar goals, or a loved one who will hold you accountable
    1. Lose weight & How much?
    2. Reduce stress
    3. Lower Blood Pressure or Cholesterol
    4. Have more sustainable energy throughout the day
    5. Get swimsuit ready
    6. Regulate my blood sugar
    7. Make 90%+ Organic home
    8. Get off certain Medications (w/ Dr.'s Permission)
    9. Help & ease my arthritis 
    10. Run a Marathon
  • Start with one daily health goal, and stick to it, everyday for one week.  Here are some examples of daily health goals:
    1. I will drink water with every meal
    2. I will eat fruit or vegetables with every meal
    3. I will pack my lunch instead of ordering out
    4. I will eat breakfast every morning
    5. I will go to bed 15 min earlier every night
    6. I will take a multivitamin everyday
    7. I will meditate for 5 min everyday
  • Once the first goal, becomes a way on life, add another, and another
  • Now that the smaller goals are becoming easier, lets add some challenging goals, the weekly, medium sized goals:
    1. I will workout 3-4 times a week
    2. I will plan out my meals for the week
    3. I will take time for myself, quality-quiet time
    4. I will drink half my body weight in water everyday (150lbs=75oz of H2O)
    5. When grocery shopping, I will buy more organic-less processed options
    6. I will lose 2 lbs this week (setting smaller weight goals will help to obtain larger goals)
    7. I will cook dinner 3-4 nights a week, instead of eating out
  • While working towards achieving the small and medium goals, you will start to see results and progress towards your ultimate health goals.  
  • Reward yourself, for achieving your goals!
  • Your goal list should be ever changing, and evolving... no one is perfect, there is still room for more improvements to your health!
  • You will also see that the goals are no longer goals but a healthy way of life!  
Be realistic with yourself and your goals.  Consult your doctor, if your goals require changes in medication & plan of care.  Encourage yourself, and encourage others on their health goal journey.  Reward yourself for achieving multiple smaller goals, and Ultimate Goals!  Remember, water is your friend, drinking more water should be a goal for everyone.  Good Luck, stick to your goals, don't give up!!

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