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Thursday, January 12, 2012

How My Workouts Work Out!

Many struggle with fitting workouts into their already busy schedules. I've had the same problem for years, and it got worse after I had kids. As you know, I travel a lot for a living, so not only do I have to workout at home, but I can't skip it on the road... That's like taking 1 step forward, and 3 back!

So here's how I make my workouts work out...

1. Schedule & Plan
I schedule my workouts on my calendar as I would a meeting or the kids swim lessons. Then I plan, I make sure to bring my gym clothes, bottle water, after workout snack with me, so there's no excuses! I wish I could "fly by the seat of my pants" but if I did, I would find everything else in the world to do but workout. I love it once I'm there, but just like most, getting there is the problem... So, I schedule & plan!

2. Recruit a Workout Buddy
I have a handful of friends & co-workers that I workout with. First, because I am meeting them at the gym, I can't stand them up! They hold me accountable! I also have recruited friends with similar fitness goals, so we cheer each other on (which is great motivation for those days I don't want to workout). Second, I don't feel alone when there's someone to talk to, plus it makes the workouts go by faster!!

3. Attend Group Classes
I enjoy group classes because the time is already set, and the class is planned out. So I'm not left wandering the gym trying to figure out what to do next. Plus, good music makes the classes go by faster too!

4. Trainer
I currently do not have or pay for a trainer, however I have in the past. They have designed plans for me on my days in the actual gym. I suggest, most gyms offer at least 1 free training session with your membership... Take advantage of it, and be very clear about your fitness goals! Also, if your budget permits, hire a trainer for a few sessions until you get acclimated with the exercises. If you opt to try it out on your own, remember to keep that heart rate up in between sets, switch exercises or keep it up with jumping jacks, squat thrusts, etc...

Here is my Daily Workout schedule at Home...
Monday: Les Mills Body Flow & Easy Run
Tuesday: Spin class & extra cardio during swim lessons (elliptical, cybex, swim laps)
Wednesday: Run (tempo or speed work) & core exercises
Thursday: Les Mills Body Flow
Friday: Long Run
Saturday: Yoga or an Easy Run (sporadic, family time & activities take precedence)
Sunday: Church (workout for my soul)

Here is my Daily Workout on the Road...
Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Xtrain Cardio (elliptical/bike) & upper body exercises
Wednesday: Run (tempo or speed work) & core exercises
Thursday: Xtrain Cardio & lower body exercises
Friday: Long Run
Saturday: Yoga in my hotel room
Sunday: Rest

With every workout day, I stretch & stretch a lot. I don't do a whole lot of weight training, I prefer to use my body weight for the resistance, which works well on the road (no equipment I have to bother with).

I hope my tips & schedule help your workouts work out in your daily life!!

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