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Monday, January 9, 2012

How-why-what that Makes up My Day!

Many wonder what my day consists of... How do I stay so fit? What do I eat? Why are you so happy? How do you make life with 2 active, energetic kids look so easy?

Well, here's what a typical day looks like...

First things first... I view each day as a blessing, the good days and the not so good days! I thank God every morning for waking me, my family, and my friends up to see a new day! Amen!

Ok, now that's done... On with my day...

I try to wake up before everyone, between 6:45-7am, every morning. I relax for a little bit, sip on some water (keep a bottle on my nightstand), think about my day, meditate, pray, read some affirmations, then I play a little on twitter, read Delaware Online, check the weather. Usually by 7:15am, one of my darling daughters is stumbling in to my room to cuddle a little (at least that's what I tell myself), really they want to watch Disney Junior!

Once the TV goes on, I go to work... Get myself dressed for my morning workout, pick out outfits for the darling duo, wake the other half of the duo, then wake the sleeping King. My daughters are at the wonderful age (3 & 4) where they like to dress themselves & try to brush their own teeth and hair. I usually have started breakfast for them, and am eating my PB toast and warm water. Once they've done their part, it's time to get them really ready (re-do their hair & back up teeth brushing). Then it's down for breakfast, fill my water bottle, and start the coffee pot for D. Before you know it, we're off & out the door by 8am headed to my local YMCA for my daily workout.

Once my workout is complete, its one of my favorite times of the day... Can anyone guess? Starbucks! The girls and I stop on my way home for a coffee and to say Hi to our favorite baristas. I actually have a hard time drinking coffee before my workouts (acid reflux). Then we head home, for a shower & to get ready for school.

At home, I eat a quick after workout meal (Chobani yogurt & granola is a big fav), drink a big glass of water, and shower. By now, I have usually consumed 32-40 oz of water(and am peeing like crazy). Everyday, 1 of my daughters (alternating daughters + days) goes to preschool, so I get that child ready... Pack a healthy snack, search for school shoes, etc... Then I make both girls a healthy organic lunch. And we're off to drop off, jamming to Radio Disney. After drop off, it's time for the other half of Frick & Frack to have some mommy-daughter time. We run errands, clean the house, play dolls, watch a movie, read some books, and/or do a craft. I also try to plan out dinner.

I also fix another quick meal for myself, lunch & more water! I will usually eat a salad, leftovers from last nights dinner, vegetarian chili & brown rice, soup, or veggies & hummus. For me speed is the key, I don't want to spend 30+ min making lunch, so I make sure veggies are already cut, lettuce is already washed, etc...

Before I know it, 2.5 hours are up, and I'm headed back to the school for pick up. I bring a snack for me & the little princesses. Part-skim mozzarella cheese stick is a favorite & bottle of water. After sitting 45 min in the carpool lanes, we head home. The girls play & wait for their Dad, while I get started on dinner. If its a swim lesson day, then I also have to get the girls ready for that too. On swim lesson days, here comes my second workout. I try to get there 30-45 min before the lesson to do some extra cardio, like the elliptical.

Then it's dinner and family time. We usually try to eat dinner around 5:30-6 (later on lesson nights). So we can play, hang out, and spend time as a family before bath, story, & bed time at 7:15pm. The girls are in bed by 8pm, no exceptions... Because that's when I clock out, lol. It's mommy time! I hang with D a little, enjoy a glass of wine, then I'm in bed by 9 pm to read a little, work on a blog post, pray & thank God for another great day, think about tomorrow, meditate, then lights out... night-night! All to start it again tomorrow!!

Here are my daily survival tips...
1. Smile
2. View each day as a blessing
3. Drink water
4. Surround yourself with positive loving people
5. Exercise
6. Buy & eat healthy organic, No-GMO foods
7. Meditate
8. Plan, organize, use a calendar (I even schedule my workouts as an appointment)
9. Enjoy some Me time
10. Sleep

I hope a glimpse into my day helps & encourages you to live a healthy, positive lifestyle!

p.s. the glass is always more than half full!!