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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

With all the talk about the US going to war against Syria, pulling out of the war in Afghanistan, and the violent war in our city streets, I thought I would share a poem of peace for your wellness this Wednesday.  I'm not saying I am for war or against it, I am for a happy, healthy, peaceful life for all mankind, everywhere!  With that said, here is a poem by Cappy Hall Rearick.  Have a peaceful & well Wednesday!

We Interrupt This War

     We interrupt this war for doctors to heal the sick, poets to write a sonnet, and ministers to teach us how to love one another.
     We interrupt this war for economists to find a way to balance the national budget, for people to find jobs, for authorities to rid us of drug lords, and for minorities to find their equal place in the world.
     We interrupt this war to find our future.
     We interrupt this war for soldiers to hug their children, for family reunions, for more time to find a lasting peace for our world.
     We interrupt this war for artists to paint and sculpt, builders to clean up slums and writers to create unforgettable plots and characters.
     We interrupt this war so that we might feed the hungry, save the whales and find a cure for cancer and AIDS.
     We interrupt this war for the Special Olympics. Girl Scout Cookies. The World Series. For newborn babies.
     We interrupt this war to care for the aged, to be kind to animals and to share with others.
     We interrupt this war to clean up the environment, to find homes for the homeless, and to defend the weak and defenseless.
     We interrupt this war to marvel at a sunset, to enjoy a child’s laughter, and to sing a love song.
     We interrupt this war in order to hear a message from our Number One Sponsor:
©2003, Cappy Hall Rearick

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