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Friday, August 30, 2013

Pinterest workouts got me again...

Like most, I love pinterest.  I could pin all day!  And like most, I pin but never do anything with my pins, LOL!  Since I have been forced to take a few weeks off from running (Dr's orders).  I've been looking for some great workouts at a lower impact to my joints. Then it hit me, Ashley, you have like 100+ pins regarding fitness on Pinterest.  So, I went thumbing through my pins.  Here are some of the fun and crazy workouts I've been trying out.  Some will stay in my workout rotation, and some will remain on pinterest, lol! 

So here's the first one, its a favorite, and doesn't require a gym.  I've actually used this workout in the past during my half marathon training.  The bonus is one round is only 15 min, so repeat 2-3 times, you've really got a great workout in under an hour!

Now, this was another favorite, it's for the elliptical.  I must be honest, you will look like you took a shower with your clothes on when you're done, LOL!

What in Sam's h*ll was I thinking with this one... the Brazilian Butt Lift Treadmill Workout?  Another butt kicking workout.  My Butt would rather sit then lift... Lol.  But I'll keep it around for a good treadmill sweat.  Walking and trying to sit the following day will be a bit of a challenge.

This was another treadmill workout, I was soaked after the 45 minutes, and I burned as many calories as I normally do running, bonus.  It's a keeper, just for some variety.

This Fitsugar workout is another great workout that doesn't require a gym.  This is how I occupied my time in North Carolina. It will also be good for when my traveling schedule picks up again.

My last two were not favorites... The first did not require a gym, but my joints were feeling all of the many jumping jacks, and my wrists were screaming after all of the push-ups.  Pinterest can keep this one!
The second is a good scheduled workout for cross-training, however, I sub'd the running for walking at an incline.  Now, I would not have this be my everyday workout schedule, but adding some of the workouts to my cross-training days might not be too bad.

Try these workouts, see if you like them.  And don't let those fitness and healthy recipe pins just stay on Pinterest!!  Enjoy the sweat!!


  1. I have actually done a few of the workouts I have pinned! And I get some good outfit inspiration from Pinterest too ;-)


  2. I have arthritis in both knees and in my shoulders, and sometimes it is just too painful to even get moving, anything I can do that doesnt require me to be on my knees or , well put it this way if I am pushing myself up from the couch I always seem to hurt my shoulders...

    1. I would recommend low impact exercises , like tai chi, water aerobics, or time on a recumbent bike... Swimming is always good too! Hope that helps!

  3. It sounds useful. I like your workouts. I will try...

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