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Monday, September 30, 2013

Smoothie Recipe: Very Berry Purple

I really love smoothies, obviously!  So, does my daughter, Mia!  Mia came up with this smoothie, while she and Jordan were watching an episode of The Fresh Beat Band.  The Fresh Beat Band drinks smoothies almost every episode.  Very Berry Purple, has veggies, berries, yogurt, and more!  Here's Mia's smoothie recipe...

Very Berry Purple

Makes 2 adult smoothies, or 1 adult & 2 kid smoothies

10 baby carrots, halved
16oz coconut water
6oz Chobani greek vanilla yogurt
1 tbs ground flaxseed
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 cup frozen raspberries
8 whole strawberries
1 cup frozen mango chunks
1 banana

Dump carrots and coconut water, and liquefy.  Add yogurt, flaxseed, berries, and mango. Blend until smooth.  I poured Jordan's, then we added banana, since she's allergic. Blend until desired consistency, pour and enjoy!!

Let your kids get creative with their food too!  It's amazing what they will come up with!


  1. PLEEEEEEASE tell me you have an alternative for the Coconut water?!

    1. Wilmhi97, you can use whatever liquid you would like, water, almond/soy milk, juice, etc... Check out smoothie, smoothie, smoothies post, for a basic smoothie formula.

  2. ooooo yummy!!! you need to open a smoothie store...preferably in Cincinnati ;-)