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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wellness Wednesday friends!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far!  With so many of us having busy schedules, late meetings, running the kids to practice or lessons, and social engagements, cooking meals from scratch is becoming a thing of the past.  With so many, fast, boxed, frozen, processed options on the grocery store shelves, it's hard not to pick them up and go.  Are you eating healthier by cooking at home?  Yes and No!  Hooray for not eating out at a restaurant or Fast Food, where you really have no idea what is in your food.  However, so many processed foods are also filled with things we don't even know we are consuming.  There are many preservatives, chemicals, GMOs, unnecessary soy, and tons of sodium added to boxed/frozen kits & meals to extend their shelf life.  Keep this in mind... The average healthy person should only consume 1500 mg of sodium daily, the average frozen "healthy" meal contains 800-1100 mg of sodium.  That's more than half your daily allotment, and you still need to eat at least 2-4 more meals.  Boxed and frozen foods are designed to make our life easier, but there are just as many easy ways to make similar dishes without using processed foods or kits, and you'll save yourself some money too.  By making whole foods at home allows you to control the ingredients, the sodium content, the portion size, and gives you leftover food and ingredients for meals on following days.  Plus, you get the opportunity to be creative!!  Now if you're not creative, check out Google, Pinterest, Food Network, and Self Soul Space's Recipes tab for great, fast, healthy recipes with whole ingredients.  I hope you take the time this Wednesday to nix the box, limit processed foods, and eat whole foods for your wellness.

P.S.  30 min meals take too long? I found 16 min meals on Food Network... How's that for fast!

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