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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Is it me, or is this week flying by?  It's Wednesday already!  What are you doing for your wellness today?  Have you been doing your best? Trying new veggies? Drinking more water? Getting more sleep? Eating smaller, more often meals?
This Wellness Wednesday tip, is to use reusable/refillable products.  This will cut down on waste and improve the wellness of our earth.  Sometimes if you bring in reusable/refillable containers to retailers, they will give you a discount... So it's win-win!

Here are some thing's I use & reuse regularly...

  • Water bottles, I refill them with filtered or water fountain water where ever I am.
  • Coffee tumbler, Starbucks offers 10% off any drink if you bring in your own cup
  • Grocery/shopping bags, I bring my own, where ever I go
  • Cleaning product bottles, I reuse the original bottles by refilling them with my own cleaning products or I buy in bulk and refill into smaller bottles
  • Tupperware containers, instead of using plastic baggies for lunch, leftovers, or snacks
  • Travel Toiletry bottles, I refill them with my current beauty products
  • Rechargeable batteries, a must when your kids love their Leap Pads... Great for cameras too.
  • Dishes, flatware, & Glasses, instead of disposable paper & plastic products
  • Lunch bags, you can take your own lunch & snacks just use a reusable bag instead of paper bags
  • Sponges & cleaning clothes, I reuse, re-wash them over & over again

There are all kind of reusable/refillable products... Feminine products, reusable paper towels, mason jars, reusable napkins, dryer balls, silicon cupcake wrappers, reusable drinking straws... You name it, you can find it.  If a refillable product is not an option, find a way to recycle the product.  So this Wednesday, help reduce waste and use refillable/reusable products!  Let's keep our Space well, too!

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