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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Today's Wellness Wednesday is coming from Philadelphia, where I am working the auto show.  My Wellness Wednesday tip is for your work wellness.  Many times we get boggled down by the many tasks at hand, the quota that is expected from us, the major report that is due, or we get stressed about our own or others' adversity and drama.  That being said no matter where you are or what you do... "Do your Best and Forget the Rest".  Worry about yourself and your job, and be the best employee or employer you can be!  Focus on how well you do your job, not others.  Make sure you are always giving 100%.  Even if you are searching and interviewing for new jobs, put the best you forward.  Stay positive, and don't let others negativity bring you down.  If you constantly worry or complain about how others aren't doing their job, it will not only take away energy from your tasks, but it will also bring undo stress onto you and your body... Which is not healthy, for your self, your soul, or your work space.  Just think, if everyone at your job from the negative Nancy, to the positive Patty, to the dramatic Doreen, to the lazy Larry, even the stressed-out Stan, all came to work with the "Do your best, and forget the rest" attitude... What a positive, productive work environment we would all have.  So this Wednesday, for your overall work wellness, "Do Your Best and Forget The Rest!"

Thanks to Tony Horton from Beach Body & P90x for such a great, motivational phrase!

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