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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Happy New Year!!  I hope the holiday season brought you joy, happiness, but most of all good health.  As many of you are returning to work & school today, don't forget about your health and wellness.
This Wednesday, I want you to stay warm and dress appropriately when going outside.  Jack Frost is alive and well in most of the country, so be sure to bundle up!  I know you're probably saying, "but Ashley, you cant get sick from going outside without a coat on!"  Yes, you are correct, you get sick from viruses, bacteria, and nasty germs.  However, when your body is too cold, it works extra hard to warm it up, which takes away from it's super germ-fighting skills.  Put on the coat, gloves, hat, scarf, sweaters, etc... whatever your weather dictates... That includes you Southern California, put on a coat when those nights get chilly.  Don't worry, bundling up can be stylish and fashionable, just ask my girl, Fit Traveler AJ!
Stay well and warm this Wednesday, by dressing for the weather!  Don't forget about the other wellness tips to help keep you healthy... wash your hands, eat your vegetables, drink water, and rest your body!  

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  1. Thanks again for the shout out, love!!