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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

This Wednesday, we are a full week into the new year, how's it going so far? Resolutions still in tact?  Are you working towards those goals?  This Wednesday, I want you to look deep inside, and long hard long inside...

What is driving you to live a healthier life?  Honestly, what is the real reason you made your New Year, New You resolutions & goals?  Is it vanity?  Are you doing it to make someone else happy?  Did the doctor suggest a healthier lifestyle?  Are you secretly competing & comparing yourself to someone (known or unknown)?  Are you doing it for longevity of life?  Are you doing it for your loved ones?  Are you doing it to lead by example? Do you have something to prove?  Are you trying to fit into your jeans from college?  Why are choosing to live a healthier life?  Be honest with yourself!

Now, write it down, whatever the reason or reasons may be... Write it down, some place you can come back and look at it, from time to time (maybe near your list of goals).  Now write (if you haven't already): I am living a healthier life for me, myself, and I!  Once you accept that you are the number 1 reason, all of the other reasons will fall into place.  I'm not gonna lie to you, February will hit, your schedule will get busier, it will get colder out, and you'll start to lose focus... When you do, go back and look at why you are choosing to live a healthier life.  Anytime, you start to feel discouraged or tempted, look at your reasons, look at your goals... And remember You Can Do It!!  So, that being said, my Wellness Wednesday take-away, is to be honest with yourself, and love yourself... enough that you will want to become happy, healthy and well by sticking to your New Year, New You health goals and resolutions!!

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