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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, a New You!

It's that time of year (again), where everyone around the world is saying good bye to the past year, and hello to a brand new year! With the new year upon us, I have been reading a lot of resolutions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with a lot good byes to Drama, and promises to make 2013 better.  But by February-March, the drama returns, the resolutions are forgotten, and the promises are broken.  And like Disney's Sofia the First says, "A broken promise can never be glued back together..."  So instead of making lofty promises that you can't keep, make realistic goals.  Set your sights no something you want to achieve, and you'll stick to your goal.  Last year, I posted on Self Soul Space my goals for 2012...

Some of my personal short term goals:
run a half marathon
recycle more
continue to fill my house with healthy organic foods
spend more quality time with my loved ones
Some of my long term goals include:
become a certified personal trainer & yoga instructor
help my extended family get on a healthy life path
get out of debt
save more money
continue to spread the info from Self Soul Space to anyone who is willing to listen (in the community, online, etc)
I am proud to say, I achieved all but two of my goals, and I'm not disappointed because I'm still working towards them... I ran a half marathon in May. We recycle so much our trash can never fills up between pick ups, while our recycling bin over flows. My house is always full of healthy organic food, plus allergen-free (didn't ask for more allergies though). I spend as much time as possible with my family, at least while they want to hang withy me.  I meditate everyday!!! My extended family members are starting their paths to a healthier life!  We are continuing to save money, and more money.  Self Soul Space has grown more then I could ever imagine, thank you!  Now, I am still working towards becoming a personal trainer and getting out of debt (we're almost there, yay!). 

2013 Goals:
Run another Half marathon, with an improved time
Become a personal trainer/fitness/or yoga instructor
Continue to build Self Soul Space, maybe even webisodes
Get out of Debt
Re-learn how to ride a bike... Not a spin class bike.
Improve my swimming stamina... For future participation in a  triathlon
Continue to spread positivity, happiness, peacefulness, and healthy living

So, for 2013, write down your goals, share them with others (they hold you accountable & provide support), make a plan, and achieve your goals!!  Cheers to you, wishing you a healthy, positive, peaceful, prosperous, Happy New Year!!

P.s. Be safe if you're going out, and have a true DD with you if you plan to enjoy some cheer. Happy New Year!

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  1. GREAT goals Ashley! I'm interested in what program you're doing to become a CPT. I hope we can catch up soon!!