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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

"Eat your vegetables"... Can't you just hear your parent's voice?  So, this Wednesday, since I know you all already listened and learned from your parents nagging about eating your veggies... I want you to try a new vegetable or fruit every Wednesday... Step out from your normal go to vegetables, and try something new.  You might find something you like.  Studies have shown, even my own experience, that your tastebuds change as you get older.  Something you didn't like or dreaded as a child, you might find quite tasty.  Do you like summer squash or zucchini, try butternut?  Do you like broccoli, try broccoli rabe?  Do you love lima bean, try edamame?  Do you like oranges, try blood oranges?  Do you like Granny Smith apples, try Pink Lady apples?  Ever eaten a pomegranate or a kumquat?  Now, if you are a lover of all fruits and vegetables, you can still step out of the box, by finding new ways to prepare your veggies.  There are endless possibilities, try something new, you'll be healthier for it! 

p.s. There are 53 Wednesdays in 2013... Can you try 53 new fruits and veggies?

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