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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

Today is Wednesday (can you believe it), and we are right smack in the middle of the holiday season.  Today's Wellness Wednesday tip is focused on the wellness of our environment.  It actually has to do with lights and involves a trip to your local home improvement store.  This Wednesday, I want you to Light the Lights with compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lights.  Please don't go replacing bulbs that work perfectly fine, that's wasteful. But as lights around your home blow out, replace them with compact fluorescent.  These wonderful bulbs actually, produce more light, while using less electricity, and they last a few years longer than your traditional bulb.  They now come in different wattages, softer colors, and in different sizes, so all of your lighting needs can be met.  You will also lower your electric bill with these bulbs, which is financial wellness!  
Now, since it is the holiday season, and I'm sure there's a Clark Griswold deep down in all of us, replace burnt out twinkle lights with new LED strands.  They are brighter, and use less electricity, bonus.  They also come in different colors too.  So feel free to light the entire neighborhood, if you're neighbors don't mind!  But don't forget your timers!  There are even menorahs with LED bulbs as the candles, your Hanukkah lights can shine bright all 8 nights.  This Wellness Wednesday, I want you to Light the Lights with compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lights, and save some electricity.  Have a Well Wednesday and a Happy Holiday Season!

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