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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dedicated December 2012

Is that time of year, again... Holiday time, yes, but NO. It's Dedicated December!  Dedicate the next 31 days to healthy living, self, soul, and space.  The Holidays and all it's yummy goodness are inevitable!  So, why not counteract the usual damage from the holidays with 31 days of eating right; exercising; staying positive;  spreading kindness; meditating; recycling; reducing waste; organizing and improving our personal and global environment.
On Twitter and Facebook, I will post daily Dedicated December tips, so follow me or like my Facebook page, and contribute your own healthy living tips.  I will also post Dedicated December photos on Instagram!  At the end of each week, I'll recap the weekly tips on Self Soul Space.  When Tweeting or posting on Facebook be sure to hash tag #dedicateddecember.
Let's jingle (not jiggle) all the way into a new, healthy year!!

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