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Friday, February 1, 2013

It's the First of the Month....

It's the first of the month (in my Bone Thugs N Harmony voice)... Lol... And what are you doing for your health?
February is an awesome month to reevaluate those resolutions and make adjustments, but stick to them, don't give up!
February is American Heart Month.  Take the time to make sure your heart is ticking properly.  Wear Red to celebrate Heart Health!  Learn and Know your numbers!  Study up on stoke warning signs, it can happen to anyone.
February is also Black History Month.  Yes, I want you to learn about Black Americans who have made history or are making history today... Wait there's more....  But more importantly, if you are a Black American, African American, or a descendent of, I challenge you to put your health first this month!  African Americans have much higher incidence of heart failure than other races.  Its the leading killer of African Americans, it can be called the silent killer, don't let it sneak up on you.  We must prevent heart disease, not only by getting checked, knowing our numbers and our family's medical history, but also by living a healthier lifestyle.  Eat healthy foods, get in 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day, lowering our stress levels, keeping our weight within normal limits.  We can also teach the African American youth to live a healthier life, which will not only help cut down childhood obesity, but help prevent them from any future health issues.
February is the month of Love... Spread love to all those around you, sometimes a smile can go a long way with a stranger! But if youre thinking of gifts for that special someone, consider usable/reusable gifts... Instead of disposable cards and flowers, give a gift that keeps on giving... A recordable e-message, reusable coffee mug, jewelry (hint hint), potted flower or plant... You get where I'm going here!
February is the month for Super Bowl, GO 49ers!! Don't eat too many wings!  Mardi Gras, have fun but be safe.  The season of Lent, make healthy changes instead of giving up something.
February 1st, is also my father-in-law's birthday... So, Happy Birthday Harry!  Wishing you many more happy, healthy, and positive years!  

Happy February Friends!!

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