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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Today the US Postal service announced it will stop mail service on Saturdays.  But let's take that a step forward, and reduce our paper use.  This Wednesday's tip, is to pay your bills online.  It will not only reduce our paper use and trash in our landfills, but it will also reduce the amount of sensitive information being thrown away.  Also, some utilities will even give you a small discount for using e-bills. A lot of times you can actually schedule your payment through your bank or the company directly, easy peazy!  I found by paying bills online, it also reduces the chances of things getting lost, bills falling through the cracks, and it helps minimize clutter in my house (yay!). Keep in mind, sometimes wellness Wednesday isn't just about your physical wellness, but our environmental wellness too, which can ultimately impact our physical wellness.  So this Wednesday, enroll in online bill pay, and help reduce our paper usage, and the load of mail the US postal carriers will have to deliver on Monday.

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