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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Baked not fried! Tonight, I made my mother in law's "famous" turkey croquettes, but instead of frying them, I baked them!  And the turned out yummy!  When looking at traditionally fried foods, swap out the hot oil for a hot oven.  French fries, bake 'em... Fried chicken, bake it... Fried fish, bread & bake them... Fried shrimp, taste awesome without all of the greasy oil... You can even bake bacon, the grease just drains off!  Cut the oil, cut the grease, and lower the calories of your favorite fried foods by baking them!  Stay well this Wednesday!


  1. I'd love to have the recipe for those turkey croquettes! Please share!

  2. I will definitely share tomorrow! I think you'll enjoy them!