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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Do you have 8 minutes to change your life?

I do!  I recently, just finished reading and following the 8 Minute Mediation by Victor Davich.  Now, in reality, it took 456 minutes to change my life, or 7 1/2 Law & Order SVU episodes, but it did.  It's no secret that I meditate, but I am always looking for ways to improve my practice.  8 Minute Meditation is "the most American form of meditation...", says Time Magazine.  It's a great way to take just 8 minutes out of your day, to bring clarity, peace, happiness, calmness to your life.  8 Minute Meditation is an 8 week program that breaks down the foundations of meditation, step by step, week by week, exploring and building your meditation practice.  You learn to allow, catch & release, breathe, and have fun with meditation.  Start in a seated comfortable position, set a timer for 8 minutes, and follow the directions of each week for just 8 minutes a day, easy breezy.  You'll find that 8 minutes flies by, its actually the same amount of time between 2 commercial breaks of your favorite TV show (like Law & Order SVU).

The Program goes as follows...
Week 1 focuses on the breath... just breathe!
Week 2 teaches you to focus on the naked sound around us with out judgment.
Week 3 helps you notice your body, and the light within it.
Week 4 is magic... are you present?
Week 5 teaches gracious declining, something you need in meditation and daily life!
Week 6 allows you to watch a movie in the mind's eye, no popcorn though :-(
Week 7 was my favorite, because again Lovingkindness practice is so important in meditation and daily life.
Week 8 is review and graduation week, yay!

By the end of all 8 weeks, you will feel more at peace in your daily life; you will be more kind to those around you; and you will approach a stressful situation more calmly than you have in the past.  I know I do!  And all you've dedicated was 8 minutes out of your day.  Most of my 8 minute meditation sessions were before bedtime, I practiced the Lovingkindness week in the morning before my family woke up!  Every week, if you feel like something is not going right, Victor Davich answers all of your rising questions and concerns with meditation, including the never ending roving mind.  He also offers an upgraded program after you finish your 8 weeks.  I fully recommend this book and program.  If you're looking to introduce meditation into your busy life, or improve your meditation practice, 8 Minute Meditation is a great way to do it!  Namaste`, my friends!
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