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Monday, November 19, 2012

Travel Healthy- Part 2

This is part two of Travel Healthy, like I mentioned in part one, this is my busy season for work, as well it's the busiest travel season for the roads and airports because of the holidays.  You made it to your destination... Now, here are my tips for staying healthy while on your trip...

On Your Trip
At the hotel
  • Request a fridge in your room
  • Request a quiet room away from the elevator
  • Remember your body still needs rest, try to stick close to your wake up/bed times
  • Silicon ear plugs are awesome to block out noisy neighbors or crying baby
  • Find closest grocery store (or Walgreens in a pinch) to stock up on more healthy snacks & water, and meal options if you're sick of eating out
  • Locate the fitness center, and try to stick to your normal workouts while on the road, not a lot of time: squeeze in 30 min of cardio- Something is always better than nothing!
  • Exercise bands are great staple in our suitcase; they don't take up any space, and you can use them almost anywhere
  • Continue to take your vitamins
  • Ask Concierge about local favorites & healthy food options
  • Walk to discover the area & see the sights, take a walking tour of the city
  • Enjoy it, even if your there for business
At a Restaurant
  • Water... You must stay hydrated
  • Want coffee or alcohol? remember to alternate with water
  • Breakfast, keep it simple & don't over do it... Oatmeal, Eggs-turkey bacon-wheat toast, yogurt-granola, or egg white & veggie omelet 
  • Lunch, again keep it simple... Salad, grilled protein & veggies, broth based soup
  • Dinner, be smart & realistic!
  • If you kept it simple & healthy all day, splurge a little on some local favorites 
  • Skip the dessert, or at least share 1 with others
  • Try to fill up on veggies or salad instead of bread & fried appetizers.
Attending a conference or theme park
  • Pack snacks & water to avoid hunger pains, and avoid the dreaded impulse food carts & snack trays

Overall, planning & organization can help provide you with a stress-free, healthy trip; be smart about what you eat; take your vitamins; rest; drink lots of water; and lastly, move and enjoy the area! I hope my tips help with your next business trip, vacation, or holiday visit!

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  1. All fantastic tips that I abide by! This week dinner has been a-la-Whole Foods :-)