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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday greets us again, and with cold & flu season knocking on our doors, my Wednesday wellness tip is... Keep your hands clean! Yes, who would think I would need to say this, but wash your hands! I'm not just talking about when you're finished in the bathroom or just before you cook/eat... I mean often, throughout the day, sometimes just because. Load them with soap, and lather for 20 seconds... Sing a song (in you head if you're embarrassed), like Happy Birthday. Be sure to get in between your fingers under your nails, then rinse with warm water. In addition to washing your hands, keep hand sanitizer with you and use it, especially when you're traveling, after you blow your nose, sneeze, touch busy door handles, or shake hands... It's not offensive, number one, you don't know how clean their hands are, number two, you're not really sure how clean your hands are, so share your hand sanitizer. Our hands are some of the biggest carriers of germs. We touch everything, then we touch our noses, eyes, face, which are the gateway for outside germs to enter our body. So, to help avoid catching or spreading a nasty cold, or the dreaded flu... Wash your hands! Stay well this Wednesday and this cold & flu season!

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