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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

This Wednesday, I was debating over what small change, to better my health, would I make today... I had a few on my mind, but couldn't narrow it down.  Then I went to my daughters' school to volunteer, one of the kids asked me, "Mrs. Thayer when are you coming to read to our class?"  There it was staring me right in the face... Reading!

Remember the old saying, Reading is fundamental!  Well, it is, at every age.  I find that I usually only read to my kids or on airplanes for my own enjoyment, but I'm not a consistent reader.  I make reading a priority with my children, but not for myself... hmm!  You're never too old to stop learning or reading for that matter.  So, this Wednesday  I will be picking up a book and reading for my own enjoyment and sanity.
I challenge you to read... turn off the technology (unless you're reading on your e-reader) and pick up a book, magazine or a newspaper; fiction or non-fiction, historic or present time, it doesn't matter... Read, my friends... If you have kids in your house, not only read to them but lead by example too.  Reading not only improves your vocabulary and your knowledge base, but it also allows your mind to release the stress and worries of your own life, which is very calming and healthy.  Become a member of your local library, or read books on an e-reader which is good for the health of our space, but cutting back on the amount of paper used.  Once you finish a book, pass it on or donate it.  Reading while working out can help to pass the time during cardio sessions, so bring your latest page-turner instead of your tunes.  Read before bed, read in the morning, read on your lunch or coffee break, anytime is a great time!  If you have any book recommendations... comment below, or check out my Readings tab or some Healthy Living reading suggestions.  Stay well, and read this Wednesday.

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  1. Yea!!! Reading is not only FUN...it's FUNdamental!!!