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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

So, it's Wednesday... What are you doing for your wellness today?  What small change will you make for the betterment of your self, soul, or space?
Today, my youngest daughter  Mia had a field trip to Flasky's Farm in Middletown.  After fun hayrides, a silly soybean maze, and pumpkin picking, we headed into their produce market.  I picked up some Flasky's apples and squash.  Then it hit me, I really need to buy more local fruits, vegetables, and products.  I do try to buy some local produce from my area Safeway or Whole Foods, but those sometimes aren't that local, they are usually shipped in from New York or New Jersey.  So, today's wellness Wednesday tip is to buy your produce from local farms (or farmers market) and buy produce that is in season.  First of all, I noticed the prices were much cheaper than the "sale" produce at the supermarket.  You are reducing pollution in the environment because the food is not shipped/trucked far distances to super markets.  Best of all, you are supporting the local small farms and farmers.  Buying local produce is healthy for your Self, because your eating more fruits & veggies, and healthy for your Space, by reducing carbon footprint and supporting local economy.

For my Delawareans (& those near by), here are some markets & farms to stop by, and get local produce and products...
Haldas Market
Wilmington, DE

Newark Natural Foods Co-op
Newark, DE

New Castle Farmers Market
New Castle, DE

Flasky's Farm & Produce Market
Middletown, DE

Willey Farms
Townsend, DE

Fifer Orchards- Farm & Country Store
Camden-Wyoming, DE

Manna Organic Farm
Seaford, DE

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  1. I wish I could buy more local produce as well. I should make more of a point to go to the farmers market and such when I'm in town. Thanks for the reminder!