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Thursday, October 11, 2012

"I'm a Boss" for Health?

Did anyone watch the BET Hip Hop Awards?  More specifically, Rick Ross's performance?  Self Soul Space is not a blog that critiques or criticizes Hollywood, or HipHopWood, if you will.  I am a fan of most music, but I love Hip Hop and R&B, especially when I'm working out, just in case you didn't know.  Anyway, back to my question... Rick Ross on the BET Hip Hop Awards? I love Ricky Rozay's music, his "Boss" mentality, and self confidence.  But I wonder, if performing with his shirt off is necessary and a good example of healthy living for the fans that love his music.  It's no secret, Rick Ross is not a small guy and has had some major health issues in the past year.  But why does it seem like, after 2 separate life threatening situations, he has not changed his way of life?  Back in October of 2011, Rick Ross had to cancel some performances after suffering a seizure on a plane.  In April of 2012, he cancelled two more performances due to seizures again.  After his recent health issues, he reassures fans of a clean bill of health.  However, in a Rolling Stone Article this past August, Rick Ross attributes his seizures to "smoking too much weed", 'green caviar' as he called it, hmm... healthy?  On a more positive note, he named his recent hit Diced Pineapples, after the fact the doctor told him to add more fruit and water to his diet, pineapples became a favorite... it's a start, even though the lyrics have nothing to do with eating healthy.  How come he hasn't cut down on his caviar intake, hired a trainer and/or a nutritionist to help lead him on a path of good health?
Or maybe he has... Why is he not advertising or promoting a healthier lifestyle after two seizure incidents?  I get that it's not cool to rap about eating healthy, working out... but why not promote it off the stage, lead by example.  This just doesn't go for Ricky Rozay, but all of HipHopWood.  Black Americans dominate the world of Hip Hop... 14% of Black Americans over the age of 20 have diabetes, over 44% of Black men and 47% of Black women over the age of 20 have cardiovascular disease (heart disease), and childhood obesity is on the rise, especially among Black youth.  Don't forget that Heart disease is the leading cause of deaths among Black Americans, especially women.  That being said... Why isn't the industry, mostly populated by Black Americans doing something about it.  They can speak out on politics, promote luxury cars, rap about the good and/or hood life... However, there is no good life without good health.  I challenge Black celebrities and Hip Hop Stars, like Rick Ross, to promote good health, clean eating, and physical activity to all of their fans, young and old, more importantly lead by example.  Be a "Boss" for a Healthy Self, Soul, and Space.

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