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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

Every Wednesday I try to make one small change to better my overall wellness.  And, I thought... why not share these small changes and other wellness ideas every Wednesday.  Not all of my changes have been physical... some mental, some environmental, and even some have been superficial, but the idea is to improve my well being.  I make the change, and keep it in place.  I don't stop on Thursday, I continue to build and improve upon my small wellness changes.

Today's Wellness Wednesday tip, is to swap out 1 non-water drink for water.  Just 1, 8 oz glass substitution.  Usually, on a damp foggy morning, like it was today, I'll put back 2-3 cups (big cups) of Starbucks coffee.  Instead, I only drank 1 cup, and swapped out the second for water.  Plain old, water.  And you know what, it's 2:15 pm, and I don't feel my normal afternoon crash coming on!  Adding more water to your daily beverage consumption will also help to flush out your body, keep you hydrated and less thirsty, help with digestion, and in time will help to clear up skin blemishes while improving dry skin (winning).  So, instead of reaching for a 2nd can of soda, cup of coffee or tea, glass of juice, beer, wine, or cocktail, drink a glass of water!  It can be flat, tap, bottled, sparkling, filtered, ice water, hot water, with a slice of lime... however, you like it... have a glass of water!

For more tips and ideas on how to spice up and increase your water consumption, check out Got Water?  Drink up!

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