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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

P90x Weeks 11 & 12

I can see the light at the end of a tunnel... I am almost done, thank goodness!  So, weeks 11 and 12 of Beach body's P90x was challenging.  Silly me, for thinking it would get easier. Most days, were double workout days, P90x and YMCA classes/ or Running... Crazy, right?!?

Week 11: I started the week with a 3.25 mile run outside at Glasgow Park in the afternoon, then Chest/Back & Ab Ripper X in the evening.  I truly hate chin-ups, and push-ups!  CardioX on Tuesday, was rough.  Wednesday, I skipped Ab Ripper X after Shoulders/Arms because the season opener of Law & Order: SVU was coming on... It's my favorite show, I've seen 98% of all L&O episodes, Original, SVU, CI, LA... all of them!  Thursday, is my new favorite day of the week, why? Les Mills Body Flow in the morning, the YogaX in the evening.  I am at peace all day, and feel stretched and relaxed!  Core synergistic on Friday was cool, I survived.  Saturday, I skipped my morning run with BGR, my body just said NO!  So instead, I kicked my own butt with KenpoX and added a bonus Ab RipperX.  Sunday, was a much needed rest day!  Sorry, I forgot to take a photo this week, but I did take one at the end of week 12.

Week 12: This was a busy week for me, in workouts and in normal life.  Monday, I went to my favorite Les Mills Body Flow class, then I skipped meditation for a 2 mile run instead.  Monday evening, I had a migraine headache, and went to bed at 7:15pm... so, Yes, I skipped my p90x workout.  But on Tuesday, I made up for it, I busted out the scheduled CardioX, then moved right into Chest/Shoulders/Triceps and Ab RipperX.  I was feeling so juiced, I banged out all of the push-ups (a first, yay), and an additional 20 Mason Twists!  On Wednesday, I was still feeling good and went for a 2.5 mile run.  That evening, I only did part of Back/Bicep, so I could watch the first Presidential debate.  Part of living a healthy lifestyle, means knowing and understanding the politics that run our country and how it effects you and your family.  My favorite day of the week, went a lot like last week, Body flow in the morning, then YogaX in the evening... This was a much need pre-stress reliever for the weekend ahead.  On Friday, I skipped another P90x workout because after working a 14 1/2 hour day at the Delaware Auto Show (in 3" heels), my body spoke and said NO.  Please understand, I'm not making excuses, because I feel like I always make up for my missed workouts... And I did on Saturday, I kicked butt in KenpoX then moved right into Core synergistic (from Friday).  I felt great, and needed those punches and kicks to relieve some more Auto Show stress!! Sunday, I headed back to the Auto Show, and ate a piece of Desserts by Dana's Red Velvet Car Cake... it was so good, and I was so happy I burned some extra calories Saturday night.  Sunday evening, instead of resting, I stretched out my body with XStretch, standing in 3" heels for 30 1/2 hours in 3 days, my body needed it.

Here's my photo from week 12, Jordan loves to photo bomb my p90x photos.

Guess what's next... Week 13, my last week of P90x... I am so ready for it!  Wish me luck to finish strong!!

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