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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 3 of P90x

Okay, so finishing week 3 of Beach Body's P90x was a little harder then usual.  I delayed it, because of vacation, and then this was just a busy week in general.  I completed it, and found a new favorite workout, Shoulders & Arms.  This workout is great because every exercise is repeated , and the sequence goes shoulders, biceps, triceps, repeat...  You work at your own pace, are you a 8-10 rep person (for building muscle), or a 12-15 rep person (create lean tone muscles). This workout is then followed with the all hard & wonderful Ab Ripper X!!  on Ab ripper this week, out of the 349 ab exercises, I completed 329.

Of course, Yoga X and Cardio X remain in the favorite list!  I've really been working on staying in my heart rate range during Cardio X, Kenpo X, and Core Synergisticis!  I love my new HR watch, D & the girls gave me!!  Here's my week 3 picture, no early morning photos with an empty stomach... this is real, after dinner before my night workout...
Have you tried P90x yet?  What's your favorite exercise so far? What program are you following or have you followed?
On to week 4!!

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