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Friday, August 3, 2012

Joel Osteen & My Visit to Lakewood

During the Thayer Family Reunion in Houston, I had the opportunity to visit Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church for the 8:30 service (You can't neglect the Health of your Soul on vacation).  I knew he had a big following, including my Father-in-law, but a basketball arena's worth, no idea.  Lakewood had an amazing alter, well really stage, and a sound system the best performers would be jealous of... I was is shock!  We were greeted by friendly ushers, who guided our entire 40 member family front and center to great seats.  I felt like I was at a Broadway show.  Which made me wonder, 'is this what church & Christianity have become?'
But I put my curiosity aside, as numbers appeared on the back drapes and started counting down... :55, :54, :53 until showtime!!  The music started, and boy was it loud, Lakewood was Jamming!!  Then Joel and his wife Victoria came out to greet everyone, and they said "...no matter what is troubling you, this will be a great week...".  And you know me, Positive Patty, I was like 'exactly... Everyone should know that!!'  The music continued on, all Christian music, but if you weren't paying attention or reading the words on the jumbo-tron, you would of never known.  All the music was upbeat, with a rock-pop-R&B feel to it, I was truly entertained.  At one point, I was jumping up and down (that's what the song said to do)... But then I wondered, 'do we need all of this entertainment in order to worship our God, and to hear/learn the word of God?'
I continued to keep an open mind, as Victoria came back up on stage.  She had a great message, Creating your Vision through God.  If there is something that you want to become, do better, excel in... speak your vision to God.  Think about it often, and in detail... will it to happen with God's help.  I thought again, 'gosh this sounds familiar, I wrote about this last month, in Visualize, Affirm, & Achieve.'  She made a great bible reference, 'What's done in secret, will come to the light', meaning through your prayers and affirmations, your vision will become visible for the world to see!  Her wonderful message, was a lead into the offering... then my thoughts started to wander again... 'How much money does it take to run this church? How much is the water & electric bill?  Does the church pay Joel?'.  I shut-off those thoughts, and focused back on the message.
After the offering and another song, came the main reason I came to Lakewood in the first place... Joel Osteen was on stage, finally!  No matter what your religious beliefs, Joel is truly a positive-uplifting person!  His sermon talked about remaining positive even when the road is beyond tough.  When you feel there is no way, or no hope for a cure... keep your faith, stay positive, and know there is always a way... God's way & will.  He is already healing you, helping you down this hard road, aiding your financial burdens.  He gave a great example of when he tried to acquire the mega-church he calls home today.  He said "... the numbers didn't add up, they were significantly short... there's no way the difference could be made...".  But Joel prayed "a lot"... and through God's will the numbers added up, they had enough to buy a new home for Lakewood Church.  With positive thinking and prayer, "God will bring you Justice".

Now, I know some of you are wondering some of the same things I was, about this church, about Christianity as whole, about Joel... I come from a small Episcopal Parish; prayer book, a few hymns, a good short sermon, stand-up/sit-down/kneel, you're done, so you can understand my curiosity... But, I'm here to tell you, "Who Cares".  Look past the flashy stage, rockin' music, enormous building... Listen and learn the message!  Create and work your vision, stay positive, and when in doubt- lean on God!  There are different churches, different religions for everyone, and Thank God, we live in a country where we are free to practice how and which ever way we want.  If you're ever in the Houston area, I strongly recommend you visit Lakewood Church.  If not, check your local listing for Joel on TV, you might learn something, or better yet, feel empowered to live your Best Life Ever!

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