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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

P90x weeks 4 & 5

So, I decided to combined week 4 & week 5's posts together.  I'm sure some of you thought I quit... Well, I didn't, so there!  Anyway, back to my P90x workout recaps... Week 4 was great, a much need break, (well not really a break). The way the lean program is set-up, during week 4 (wk 8 + 13) , the harder more weight driven workouts are removed, and you focus more on core, cardio, and yoga/stretching.  I started Monday off with yoga x; then it was core synergistic; kenpo x; x stretch; and wrapping up the week with another core syn, yoga x, and rest or x stretch Sunday.  All my favorite workouts, do see why I called it a break, plus I even took a real break in there too.  On Saturday and Sunday, I was in Michigan for a wedding. So, I allowed my body to really rest, enjoy the wedding and my distant friends.  Week 4 was a favorite for me!

Then came week 5, why oh why????  Week 5 started of with a blast, I was having fun and enjoying the workouts!  Monday greeted me with another core synergistic. No matter how many times I do this workout, I still can't stand the Sphinx push-ups and the prison cell push-ups... I hate them! Enough said!  Tuesday was fun, cardio x was on the menu, however I found myself tuckered out at the end of the workout, not enough fuel in my body.  Wednesday was really fun, I forgot how much I actually like Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (and can't forget the ever burning Ab ripper x).  Thursday brought my favorite, yoga x.  Now Friday, what was I thinking... I decided to run 3.3 miles in the morning, then I did legs & back (with my Abs are burning x) after the kids went to bed... BAD IDEA! First of all, I do not like the back exercises in legs & back.  Second of all, I did not account for the fact that was my first run in about 2 weeks.  Third, I cleaned my house all day Thursday & Friday preparing for the weekend's baby shower I was hosting.  You're probably thinking, so what...  Well, I could barely move Saturday morning.  My kicks in kenpo were less than mediocre. Sunday finally brought a rest day from exercising, but not from activity.... Remember that baby shower, I just mentioned, well it was a fun, but tiring party, so I definitely needed the rest day!!
So, here's my photo from the end of week 5... I'm not sure what I'm really expecting or wanting for results, but it's fun to see the process & progress.

On to week 6, same schedule as 5, but with my added YMCA classes added back in, it's the week before school starts, time to break my body into the double workout rotation again, wish me luck.  Have a great and healthy week my friends!!

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