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Thursday, August 30, 2012

P90X Week 6

I've completed week 6 of P90x's lean program, and let me tell you, I think I lost my mind.  In addition to P90x, I started adding a couple of runs, a family walk, and additional workouts.  Week 6 had the same schedule as week 5... Except Monday, I added Les Mills Body Flow in addition to Core Syn. On Wednesday, I went for a 2.5 mile run in the morning, then we took a 2 mile family walk after dinner, and Chest/Shoulder/Triceps + Ab ripper X once the kids went to bed.  After all of those workouts, I was pretty run down, I don't think I refueled my body enough.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday were normal p90x workouts.  Saturday and Sunday, I was out of town for work and forgot to bring my p90x DVDs with me.  So, instead of the scheduled Kenpo X on Saturday, I ran 4 miles, and followed Real Simple Magazine's On the Go Workout.  On Sunday, I was pretty tuckered out, so I took a much needed rest day, yay!!

Am I getting stronger? Do I feel more fit? Can I do exercises now, that I couldn't do before? Well, Yes... I am getting stronger and stronger every day.  I feel more fit and healthier... but more tired.  I really don't think I am refueling properly, and this week was the start of waking up early to help prep my body for the girls' school schedule.  There are still some exercises I can not, or do not like to do... In Core synergistic, I still don't like the sphinx or the prison push-ups.  Chest/Should/Tri, I really have a hard time with the shoulder fly push-ups, and the one-handed pushups are always good for a laugh even though I like them.  In yoga, I still don't care for standing splits or crane... enough said!  Legs/Back is still not a favorite overall.  I do hope by the end of my 90 days, that I will be able to do all of the push-ups in standard push-up form, as opposed to half on my knees.
Here's my photo from week 6... Bring on Back to School and week 7!!


  1. You look AMAZING! I would kill for your abs...ahh!!!! I seriously don't know where you find the time or energy!


    1. Thanks dear! You are so kind... not sure where the energy comes from either?