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Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 2 of P90x Complete

Well, week 2 of Beach body's P90x Lean program is complete... I can't say it was easy... The workouts nor the scheduling.  Kenpo x has become a new favorite... However, I still can't get seem to get 1 stretch in the opening warm-up.  It just doesn't feel right, I actually don't think I'm doing it right, however my uncoordinated self has mastered all of the punching and kicking sequences (if you know me, you know that's a big deal).  Still love Yoga x, Xstretch, and Cardio x!!  My diet has maintained, and I have even doubled up on workouts twice this week.  Week 3 will be even more challenging, because I will be on a family vacation in Houston.  Wish me luck, and send me thoughts of strength to stay way from Texas BBQ!!!
Here's my photo for the week... on to week 3!

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  1. You're awesome!!! Have fun on your family vaca! And I know you will fit in those workouts, even if they are before everyone else wakes up ;-)