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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Healthy Eating on Family vacation

So, we have wrapped up our stay in Houston, TX for the Thayer-Witsell Family Reunion.  And even though it was a family & food filled vacation, I have not forgotten my healthy living lifestyle.

Day 1: Travel Day.
Started super early, with a 2:30 wake up time and a 2 hr drive to Dulles airport.  I started my drive with water, once at the airport I found my darling Starbucks.  Oatmeal, tall iced non-fat vanilla latte, and a bottle of water.  During my flights, my drink of choice is always water (no ice).  We had a lay-over in Atlanta, where D'reardon and I split an A Bon Pain turkey sandwich, and an all-fruit smoothie with us and the girls.  Once we finally arrived in Houston, I snacked on my nut mix until it was time to eat dinner.  For dinner, we headed over to the Galleria mall, I ate a small Greek salad and split a piece of spinach lasagna with my Mother-in-law, and more water!  Traveling always dehydrates me, so water is a must!!

Day 2: Shopping.
I woke up early, ate a mini Cliff bar, then headed to the gym for a workout.  I ran 1 mile, then practiced some yoga with Ab ripper X moves.  After my workout, breakfast was half of a banana and a cup of cheerios, with (of course) Starbucks coffee.  We then walked to the Galleria, where we shopped and walked all day.  Lunch for me & the hubs was a wrap from Great Wraps in the food court.  We shopped some more, then headed back to the hotel to meet up with more arriving family.  Next, was dinner, The Cheesecake Factory... I ordered a small field greens salad, and the Pear & blue cheese flat bread off the SkinnyLicious menu.  I sipped water non-stop all day, this houston heat & humidity is really taking a toll on my body, and it's only day 2!

Day 3: Family Picnic.
Breakfast was a cup of starbucks and a banana, and no workout :-(.  I knew this was going to be a long day, with not much control over what I could eat.  I tried to focus on my water intake vs. my food intake.  We ate lunch in the Houston Garden Center in Hermann Park, which I have to admit, was not healthy.  It was catered by Houston-known Frenchie's Chicken: fried chicken, dinner rolls, dirty rice, and toss salad.  So, I loaded my plate with the salad and a piece of fried chicken.  After lunch I grabbed my 3rd bottle of water, and headed out to explore the park.  My youngest daughter had the desire to ride the train (think slow Disney World train), so we walked a mile in 100+ degree heat to find the train startion.  We rode the train while others, including Hubs, paddled in the paddle boats (a huge workout for him).  After our sweaty rides, we walked a mile back to the garden center, which is why no workout was mandatory today.  To make my unhealthy eating day worse, for dinner after the park, we headed to the Daily Grill, and I had 1/2 of a cheeseburger and sweet potato fries.  Water was consumed a lot today, over 80oz.

Day 4: Family Meeting & Dinner/Dance.
Breakfast was another cup of Starbucks and 1/2 a wheat bagel at the Family meeting.  Lunch was actually back at the Daily Grill, this time I opted for a healthier option mixed field greens salad and pesto pasta.  It was so delicious, and the greens sang as they entered my body!!  With the BBQ-Western themed Dinner/dance that evening, I knew I would loose some of the control of what I could eat.  On the BBQ buffet, was Texas brisket, baked chicken, grilled corn, baked beans, potato salad, mixed field greens salad, coleslaw, and apple cobbler for dessert... You're probably thinking yum, right?!?  With that being said, I chose the grilled corn, 2 small slices of the brisket, 1 small piece of chicken, and a lot of field greens (again). I passed on the apple cobbler.  For a workout, I danced the night away with my two little boogie machines.

Day 5: Lakewood Church.
On Sunday, we all woke up super early to head to Joel Osteen's Lakewood church for some spiritual health.  Breakfast was an apple and a cup of Starbucks.  Joel, his wife Victoria, and the music were very uplifting and inspirational.  Brunch, of course, follows church in my world, and I ate Eggs Benedict with the sauce on the side, hold the potatoes.  After church, we said our good byes, and we headed to the host family's house for swimming and Mexican food.  At Don Pico's Mexican restaurant, I ordered enchiladas suazia (not healthy, but very yummy) and a margarita!  After dinner we swam, and played some intense games of outside ping-pong, in the Houston heat/humidity = workout.

Day 6: Travel Home.
Yay, finally!!  It's time to head home.  Breakfast was a mini cliff bar, 1/2 of a banana, and a iced skinny caramel macciato!  Our flight wasn't until the afternoon, so after packing we all walked back over to the Galleria for one last time.  Quick lunch from Great Wraps, and quick shopping.  Then we walked back, hopped in a cab, then headed to the airport.  Of course, you already know how I feel about water on travel days... I think I actually drank over 90oz of good ol' H2O.  For dinner, mid-flight, Hubs and I split a turkey sandwich.

We didn't arrive home until after midnight, but it was well worth it!  We all had a great, fun-filled trip.  I still tried to eat as healthy as possible, with some splurges, and I will always travel with healthy snacks and water!  No, I didn't workout as much as I had originally planned, P90x was put on hold... but that's ok!  You can't trade the quality family time we had for anything.  Quality family time = true healthy living!!  Thank you Thayer-Witsell family for another great reunion, see you in Miami in 2014!!

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