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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Walk this Way!

We all know walks are great for the mind, body, and soul.  So today, I went for a walk with my Family around the neighborhood.. And I decided to take a lesson from my kids, and make it fun.  We had a blast, and that 1.5 miles flew by!
Make your walks more fun: Add a game to your walk to bring a smile to your lips and a bounce to your step. Whether you’re on your own or with a partner, invite your inner child to play.  Here are some of the games we played...

ABC Scavenger Hunt. Try to spot something that starts with each letter of the alphabet — in order.

Tightrope Walker. When you come to a log or curb, use it as a balance beam.  Now, we did balance beam "gymnast" tricks, that's optional.

Follow the Leader. If the captain hops up onto a park bench, everyone must follow suit, and so on. On paths without obstacles, pretend you’re stepping through a tire run like football players in training, try funny dance moves (Walk Like an Egyptian, anyone?), princess parade, or long jump over a sidewalk crack.

Double Dog-hog Dare You. Every time we saw a dog (or groundhog), you have to complete a challenge: speed walk for 30 seconds, hopscotch a few steps, skip for several feet, run, or walk backwards.

Games not only help pass the time, but experts say combining physical activity with mental exercise also boosts brain health, which can help to protect against Alzheimer’s.

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