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Monday, August 18, 2014

Baby Body 4 & 5 Months

The past 2 month have flown by... It has been very busy, which is why I had to combine months 4 and 5.  Craziness: Lots of workouts, new BodyFlow launch, new training program, summer vacation, and a bigger baby!!!  At the 4 month checkup, Baby V is topping the charts at 26 inches, and 13 pounds.  Still eating like a champ, and sleeping well.  She plays, laughs, rolls over, puts everything in her mouth, and loves conversations!

What's happening on my healthy living, AKA loose the baby weight, journey? (This is a long breakdown)
Week 1, came right at perfect time... Just after my birthday and a baby V's baptism, I needed a good workout week! I taught a warm BodyFlow class, lol. For those of you who were in my class you remember... That was the first week of summer camp at the YMCA, and my normal room was taken away from me. So, we we're assigned the the very humid, and warm multipurpose room (it's connected to the indoor pool).  10 minutes into class, we were all dripping sweat... It was a great class!  Tuesday, I skipped spin to walk my neighborhood! Wednesday, Kathy kicked my butt (and back) as usual in yogilates.  Thursday, I taught class, in a cooler room, but it was a great class!  Friday was a rest day, because Saturday I scheduled a run a Glasgow. My Saturday run, was just ok, I didn't feel like running, but I pushed through and completed 3 slow miles.  Sunday was another rest day, in order to gear up for next week.
Wow, Week 2, was crazy busy for workouts. A group (myself included) within Black Girls Run Delaware, was starting our Team 26.2 training program.  Yup, you read correctly... I am training for a marathon... A Full Marathon.  It's a 18wk program, but our marathon is not until November 23 (22 weeks away), we allowed for some grace weeks, heat, summer vacations, back to school, etc.. On Monday, I taught BodyFlow, then hit the treadmill for a 2 mile easy run.  Tuesday, I practiced and started learning the new BodyFlow release at home.  Wednesday, it was insanely hot, so my girls and I met Dani & London at the mall for some laps.  We probably walked about 2 miles, before stopping to shop... Lol.  Thursday, I taught BodyFlow, with baby V in my arms... Smh, someone should of snapped a pic of me, V, and tree pose.  Long story short, baby V and kid zone did not get along that day.  Friday was a rest day. Saturday, I met up with BGR!DE/Team 26.2 and we (plus baby v) ran our first long run of our training program.  I ran 5.6 miles through White Clay Creek Park.  Then came home and did BodyFlow 65... Still learning. Sunday was a double BodyFlow day, I taught class then came home and practiced release 65 for launch next week.
Week 3-Launch week!  Monday, I taught my normal class, and practiced BodyFlow 65 for tomorrow's launch.  On Tuesday, I launched the new release.  On Wednesday, I taught flow express, a 45 minute class, then hit the streets in my neighborhood for an easy 2mile run... My body hurt! I taught Thursday, and think I lost a pound in sweat. Friday was 4th of July, BBQs and fireworks... Thank goodness, I needed a break!  Saturday, I skipped my run, boo! Sunday, I taught BodyFlow again, then walked over to Glasgow to meet up with the kids & D.  I taught a wopping 5 times, it was great... However, my runs suffered, I am grateful for those grace weeks already.
Week 4, I started working the agDiscovery summer program like I do every summer.  I taught Monday, and had a quick treadmill run. Tuesday and Wednesday were rest days for me because of program field trips. Thursday, I taught BodyFlow and hit the treadmill after class for a run.  My back was killing me, sleeping in a different bed, does crazy things to my body.  Friday, I taught again, and hit the treadmill again.  Saturday, I woke up early and went for a short run around my neighborhood, no phone, no music... Just me and my thoughts!  Sunday, I taught flow and stretched my achy body.
(at my in-laws' house)
Week 5 was an easy week for me ;-). I was wrapped up with the program for the entire week.  I even had a sub for my BodyFlow classes.  I still practiced at my in-laws, and ran around their neighborhood.  On Thursday, we headed to DC with the program, no major workout, just a little hotel room yoga.  Friday morning, I woke up early and headed out for a 3 mile run from Chevy chase to Bethesda, and back to DC.  It felt great, I felt like I had the power & speed of Michael Simmonds!  Saturday was a program day, and Sunday I headed home to teach BodyFlow!  I missed my class!  This was a nice easy week, but it was time to get serious!
Just as I say that, Week 6 brought vacation! The Thayer family headed to Miami! I taught Monday then hit the treadmill for a quick run.  Then pack and fly! I only practiced beach yoga on Friday... Other than that... Vacation was exactly what it was supposed to be!
Week 7, we returned from Miami after a long day of flying on Monday night.  Tuesday was a rest day. Wednesday, Mia and I headed to Glasgow for a 3 mile run with BGR!  Thursday and Friday class was back in session!  Saturday, I headed out for an early morning run in the neighborhood, no phone, no music... I think I'm starting to like running with just me and my thoughts.  Sunday, was another good BodyFlow class.  I truly need flow after runs... It's amazing what 60 min of stretching does for my body!
Week 8 was great... And busy! Monday, I taught my normal morning class, then headed back to the YMCA to teach the evening BodyFlow class.  I went for a 2 mi early morning neighborhood run on Tuesday. I rested Wednesday, yes!  Thursday, another great flow class, then the family and I went for a 1.5mi run/walk thru the neighborhood.  Friday, I taught (again).  Saturday, instead of meeting up with BGR! the family and I headed to Glasgow for a family sport day, we played tennis, then soccer, then walked!  We had a blast! And Sunday, was another flow day!  Oh yeah, how could I forget, I was also learning a new (old) release, to teach the following week.
Week 9, wraps up this long 2 month journey.  Monday, I taught, then J, M, V, and I walked the 1.1mi to the school playground, then back!  Tuesday, I practiced flow at home, then we headed to DC. Wednesday was a rest day, the girls, my stepmother, and aunt went to see The Lion King at the Kennedy center. Then we headed to Georgetown for some cupcakes... Yup, I said it!  I headed back home, while the big girls stayed in DC, V and I headed home, so I could teach Thursday.  Thursday evening, D, V, & I went for a 2.7 mi walk/run at Glasgow.  The weather has been so beautiful, we had to get out and enjoy it! Friday, I taught flow with a special visitor, Elysia (normal Friday flow teacher) and her newborn baby, then headed to the Wilmington blue rocks to moonlight for Toyota.  Saturday, I ran around the neighborhood again, my normal 2mi loop. Then headed to the blue rocks for another evening of baseball.  Sunday, was another great class, and my big girls finally came home from DC!

What's my body doing?
I weigh 132 lbs (woo-hoo)!
I am measuring at 30" under the bust, 32.25" top of bust, 27" around my waist, 36" around my waist, and 21.5" around my thigh.  Overall, I'm down a total of 4.5" and 2lbs!!
I'm feeling pretty good! Strong, more flexible, my core is strong, my legs are slowly Turing back into runner's legs.  My diet has been much better these past 2 months!  I'm still tired, but I guess that's the new norm with still one feeding a night, and life with 3 kids (4 if you count D).  I love the progress I am seeing!

Here are the Photos:
 4/7/14                 8/15/14
 4/7/14                 8/15/14
What are my goals for the next month?
I am extremely happy with my progress!! So, I will continue to add more runs to my schedule, get back on my school workout schedule... Yes, next month school starts for the big girls!  Yay!  I am also going to put Mr. D and myself on a 21 whole food cleanse.  I'll post more info about it later, so you may join in... stay tuned!

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  1. HAHAHAHA You put the baby in the sink! You are SO funny. Great progress, momma!!!