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Monday, May 13, 2013

Training for Half Craziness #4

I bet you wondering, on the edge of your seat... Did I do it? Did I finish my training? Did I, Ashley Thayer, run the Delaware Half Marathon, again?  Well, let me tell you about weeks 14, 15, and race week (16) first.

Coming off of a strong week 13, week 14 was even stronger!  Monday, I had a great cross training day, with a 30 min Spin class, followed by 5-4-3-2-1, and 15 minutes on the cybex machine.  Tuesday I had a great speed work run at Glasgow Park, and did the big hill 3 times!  Wednesday and Thursday are my yoga days... However they weren't easy, a tough yogilates class and the Body Flow (release 60) is still no joke!  I had a nice long 9 mile run on Friday!  Saturday was a much needed rest day from working out, but I deep cleaned my house from top to bottom, so there was no real rest!  After an inspirational church service on sunday, I met the BGR ladies at the riverfront for a practice run on the DE marathon course.  We ran part of the 4-person relay course, a total of 6.3 miles, and at a solid pace.  It was nice to get out on a beautiful day with these awesome women!  I had a great 21 mile week, except... Uh-Oh, what to my wondering eye should appear... Shin splints that hurt like a ripped ear!

After an over trained week 14, I started to question if I should participate this year... My shins were on fire with every step.  On Monday, I rested... With ice rotations.  Tuesday I tried to run on the treadmill before swim lesson, and holy mother of goodness... What pain I felt.  After swim I headed right over to Delaware Running Company for some support, literally & figuratively.  I bought a brace for each leg, and got some sound advice on what to do.  On Wednesday, I tried a warm up run with braces before yogilates, right foot, left foot, right... I switched to a walk! After school, my athletic Mia, begged to ride her bike, so I went along for another walk. It wasn't so bad. But I continued my ice rotation.  Thursday, all I kept thinking was RICE, Rest Ice Compression Elevation, and my shins were doing ok... I did another warm up walk before Body flow.  Then after school the girls and I hit Glasgow trail for a 2.6 mile walk.  Friday, I swapped my 10 mile run for RICE!  Saturday, the entire family did yard work all day.  Sunday, I woke up feeling great!  I woke up extra early and headed to Glasgow park for a trial run with my shins, and what do you know... They felt great!  I ran 3.3 miles, plus the hill at an awesome pace! Even though I only logged 9 miles this week, I was starting to feel a little more confident in my shins and my ability to run next Sunday.

Race week, week 16... Agghhhh! Monday was a RICE day, all day!  Tuesday was Jordan's Mother's Day Tea, so I had to squeeze in a quick run before swim, but it felt good.  Wednesday brought a butt-kicking yogilates class with awesome weight training integrated in.  Body flow on Thursday, I found my calm before Sunday's storm, Ooommm.  On Friday, was Mia's muffins for mom in the morning, but that afternoon, she, D and I went for a great walk-run at Glasgow park. The weather was awesome!  Saturday was Delaware Marathon's packet pick-up and the Family Run 1 4 Fun Race... this was D'reardon, Jordan, and Mia's race debut!
Let me tell you, They did awesome!  Mia and I ran the 1.2 miles in about 12 minutes.  My baby ran the entire way, and wanted to keep going!  D & Jordan finished at about 17 minutes.  They came in with a strong sprint at the end!
Even Mickey & Minnie cheered them on!!
That evening, I tried to let loose with the ladies from BGR, a nice stress reliever before the big day... But was I up to it?  Would my legs hold out?  Ibuprofen & RICE had become my new best friends, what was I to do without them on the course?  I laid out my clothes, said a long prayer, and off to sleep I went...

Stay tuned to see what happened on Mother's Day... Or Race Day for me and 3000 other runners!


  1. how cute are your girls?! love that they are into fitness with you.


    1. Thank you AJ! One is way more into athletic activities than the other, but I'll take any little bit I can. Keeping kids healthy and active is so important, I'm glad my girls understand that.

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