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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy this Tuesday. Tears fill my eyes as I think about the families affected by natural disasters too often. Monday afternoon, a 2 mile wide tornado hit Moore, OK... With not much warning. Homes, businesses, schools were destroyed. Lives were lost, children especially. Everyday Heroes live amongst us, I am in amazement at all who reach out to help and save lives... paramedics, fire fighters, police, Red Cross, neighbors, and teachers. Please do what you can to help, be a Hero... Donate to the Red Cross, send prayers of strength and hope. Most importantly, reach out and tell your friends and family you love them. Put negativity and differences aside. Enjoy this precious time we have on earth, and be appreciative that you and your family live to see another day. Sending lots of love and light to Moore, OK... And to all battling natural or health disasters in their lives.

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