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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Drive Smart

It's no secret, I work for the automotive industry, I actually work for one of the greenest car companies in the US, by selling the most hybrids worldwide!  Anyway, here are some tips to drive smarter, to help save gas (because you know gas prices aren't getting any lower), and help improve the health of our environmental Space.

Drive Smart Tips

  1. Slow down on the highway: driving 60mph instead of 70mph on the highway can save up to 4 miles per gallon, follow the speed limit, and use cruise control.
  2. Drive sensibly: aggressive driving (speeding, braking, accelerating suddenly) wastes gas, it can lower your MPGs up to 33%.
  3. Keep your car healthy: make sure your car is well; keep up with tune ups, oil changes, make sure there is proper tire inflation, and your air filter is clean. 
  4. Remove excess weight: things can accumulate quickly in your cars, and add excess weight... an extra 100 lbs in your vehicle can reduce your mile per gallon by 2%.
  5. Plan errands: combining many shorts trip into one, can save you time and fuel. Also allows your vehicle to run more efficiently, because it is already warm.
  6. Commute & Carpool: Take advantage of carpools and ride-share programs. You can cut your weekly fuel costs in half and save wear on your car if you take turns driving with other commuters. Many areas allow vehicles with multiple passengers to use HOV lanes which are usually less congested, helps to improve your fuel economy and your sanity.
  7. Road Trips can be fun & efficient: try to avoid putting luggage on roof racks, it reduces your aerodynamics which lowers your fuel economy.  But pack light, remember tip #4.
  8. Try Public transportation: take the bus or train for a ride, sometimes it can be faster and cheaper than driving and paying for parking.  Some buses are hybrids or run on alternative fuels.
  9. Downsize or hybridize: Looking for a new vehicle, look for a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle, or check out hybrids. Bonus, most hybrids don't need to be plugged in nor do they require any special service or tune ups from regular gas engines, but get much better fuel economy. 
  10. Walk or bike: it's no brainer... Not getting in your car at all saves fuel and the environment... It also helps improve your physical health.

Hope my tips help to save you gas and reduce the vehicle emissions that effect our environment. Drive safe & smart my friends... One more thing, buckle your seatbelt & get off your phone while driving too!

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