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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

This Wednesday, I am making the climb, and taking the stairs! I'm sure you're thinking 'the what'?  Yup... I will be climbing the stairs.  Taking the stairs instead of an escalator or elevator, is a sneaky way for your body to get in some exercise.  It's also an awesome way to build stamina. Have you ever noticed that no matter how in shape we are, the good ole stairs prove to be a challenge.  That's because climbing stairs is a challenging exercise that the body never really gets used to, thanks to the modern conveniences of elevators and escalators.  Now, let's be honest, when I am staying on the 15th (or higher) floor of a hotel, I will most likely not be taking the stairs... But implementing more stairs into my daily life will help burn extra calories, strengthen my lungs, and loosen my joints.  Another bonus to taking the stairs, is it also saves energy. Elevators & escalators don't have to run that often or work that hard as they do when they have a full load!  So, this Wednesday, I challenge you to take the stairs, and climb towards better wellness. 

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