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Monday, September 10, 2012

P90x Week 7 & 8

Since P90x Lean Program's week 7, consisted of the same workouts as week 5 & 6, I decided to include it's review with week 8.

Week 7, well how did go? Not so great... I made it through, but I was pretty un-enthused all week.  I had originally planned to my double workout days back in, but the YMCA was basically closed (except for Spin classes) for building maintenance.  So, on Tuesday, I decided I would get in a double workout... Yay, right... Wrong!  I did an hour of a hard Spin class breathing in air filled with floor varnish fumes... Bad idea.  I think I would of rather smelled sweaty people, because after class, I was light headed and ended up with a 2-day headache.  I still pushed through my evening P90x workouts, but I must say, it was tough!  The rest of the week, I found myself going through the motions on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I moved my rest day up from Sunday to Saturday due to the Barnes Family Reunion and the Holiday Weekend.  Sunday, then became Kenpo X day, which was a nice way to burn some goo from the weekend's food.  Clearly, I was looking forward to week 8, I was so over this same workout rotation for 3 weeks... besides I really dislike the Legs/Back workout.  I did set a running goal for me this week, which I did not even get to... Fail.  On a positive note, I did do a better job refueling myself, and keeping up with my mid-day snacks and hydration!

I do love my photo from week 7... the Joy of Motherhood, No Privacy!

Week 8, brought a much needed break, the same way week 4 did.  No major weight training workouts, just a big focus on core, cardio, and stretching.  The biggest bonus, 2 Yoga X days!  Monday was Labor Day, and pretty low key for us, I welcomed a new Lean Program week with Yoga X, a great way to kick off Fall.    Tuesday, I skipped a double workout at my local YMCA, to paint my youngest daughter's new big girl room... Which come to find out, was a workout in itself, and Core synergistic did not give my sore painting muscles a break ;-(.  Wednesday, I felt really productive and great, I touched up Mia's room, then ran 2.6+ miles, and gave a good fight to Kenpo X.  Thursday brought another double workout day, focusing all on stretching!!  I did Les Mills Body Flow class, then X Stretch that evening... I felt so loose!  Friday and Saturday, I skipped my scheduled runs, but not my favorite Cardio X and Yoga X!  Sunday was D'reardon's birthday, which meant I was giving myself a present of rest!!  Week 8 was really a much better week for my workouts, but not for visible results (Thanks to being super bloated)... So, I decided not to take a photo!

Bring on Week 9, and all of the extra workouts... I will "do my best, and forget the rest"!!

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