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Sunday, September 23, 2012

P90x week 9 & 10

So here's my recap on weeks 9 & 10 of Beach Body's P90x Lean Program.  I originally was going to separate these weeks, but due to technically difficulties with getting a new iPad, I lost week 9 before I had a chance to post it.

Week 9 was a tough week for me.  My body is still getting adjusted to the early school mornings, double workouts, the increased running miles, and a tougher p90x workouts.  I feel like I am finally fueling properly, however I am still worn out by the end of the day.  Monday started with Les Mills body flow & a short 1 mile run in the morning, followed by chest/back & ab ripper x in the evening.  Tuesday, I skipped my am YMCA spin class because of an appointment, but if finished up the long day with cardio x.  I went for a 2.7 mike run Wednesday afternoon, then finished cursed my way through shoulders/arms & ab ripper x. Thursday was a relaxing day started with Body flow and ended with yoga x.  I skipped the yoga belly x section, tired.  Friday, D'reardon and I went for a 2.7 mile walk at Glasgow park after the girls went to school, I tried to convince him to join me for core synergistic but he declined. Saturday was a great calorie burning day, I woke up before the family and met up with Black Girls Run for a 3.1 mile run at Glasgow (big hill x2), then I kicked butt in Kenpo x. My body was screaming for a rest on Sunday... But really laundry and cleaning were my workouts instead.
Here's my photo from week 9...

Week 10 was a little more creative for me.  Another adjustment... Getting used to being back on the road.  Reminding myself of all of my ways to stay healthy and energized while traveling.  I decided not to take my laptop with me, trying to cut down on the amount of stuff going to and from Palm Springs.  That being said, I wrote down my daily workouts, and all of the exercises in order.  Since I flew out Monday afternoon, I was able to fit in my YMCA Body Flow class, and my p90x workout before leaving for the airport.  Tuesday morning, I woke up insanely early, 4:15am PDT (thanks EDT for messing up my body clock).  I completed p90x cardio x in my room, then headed out for a 2mile desert run.  I actually had a long day of meetings, I grabbed a quick dinner, and was asleep by 8pm (worn out).  Wednesday, I woke up a little later, 5:05am, so I decided to run to the gym (which was at the back of the resort) and do my Back & Bicep workout there, I skipped the ab ripper exercises due to time.  Fortunately, the hotel had an amazing gym, however, I forgot my exercise list... So I relied purely on memory to do the exercises, I got in a pretty decent workout considering.  Thursday, I slept in until 6:15am, woo hoo, and even better it was yoga X day!! I think I know the video by heart, so no lists needed.  I turned on my favorite yoga Pandora station and started.  I felt great, and relaxed to start my day... Which was great, because that was presentation day.  Friday was my flight home, yay.  I woke up early again, thanks EDT, and decided if I wanted coffee, I had to put out a little effort.  I went for a 2 mile walk around the desert resort before grabbing coffee and fruit for breakfast.  I moved my p90x rest day to Friday because flying from west to east, makes for a long, long day... So, my walk was a bonus!  Saturday was core synergistic and it was tough.  I think I was just worn-out from traveling.  I just wrapped Sunday's workout, Kenpo x... And after a long week, and a long day Saturday it was hard.  Fortunately, week 10 brought one more bonus, the p90x app was free... it has all of the workout lists and a calendar to keep me on track!  It even has the videos available for purchase, here's the bigger bonus no more writing down the exercises or traveling with my laptop, yay!
Here's my week 10 photo, I actually took it Friday...

Overall, weeks 9 and 10 were productive, and butt kicking!  Still to this day, I love yoga x...  My least favorite exercises are splits, half moon pose, superman/banana (mostly banana), all pull-ups, and prison push-ups.  I am still amazed that after 10 weeks these workouts are still challenging.  But i must admit, Week 10 without Tony's voice & jokes was awesome... Naturally, after 80+ straight days with someone, they will start to get on your nerves, especially if they're making you do something hard, like working out.  This is why most people only see their personal trainers a few times a week.  Wish my and my tv luck on week 11, I'll try to work it out, with out, kirking out on Tony & my tv.


  1. You still amaze me! Some days I can't fit in 1 workout, let alone 2!! I wish I had more of your energy and drive. Thanks for the motivation this week!!


    1. Thank you, AJ! Being at home, and not on the road really helps... but really, we motivate each other... now, if I just had some of your fashion sense, I'd be good!