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Friday, June 29, 2012

Replenish & Refuel on Hot Days

It's summer, and it finally feels like it, especially on the East Coast.  With temperatures in the upper 90s to low 100s, most people are just trying to keep cool.  But as important as that is, it is also important to stay hydrated.  You must replenish the fluids in your body, refuel your electrolytes, here are some easy steps to stay hydrated on these hot days!

10 Ways to Stay Hydrated:

  1. Drink water before meals: not only will you stay hydrated, but you are less likely to over eat.
  2. Keep water on hand: use a reusable bottle, and keep it with you at all times. Sip-sip.
  3. Flavor you hydration: add natural flavoring like fruit to your water.  Looking for bubbly, swap out soda for sparkling water. It's a healthy alternative but still fizzy, add fruit, YUM!.
  4. Eat your water: eating water-filled foods, like watermelon & cucumber is a refreshing way to hydrate.
  5. Limit Alcohol: it can dehydrate you, and in the heat alcohol will affect the body differently.
  6. Hydrate while exercising: drink water before exercising, during, and after.  Even chocolate milk is a great replenish-er after workouts.
  7. Add a little salt: seems counter-productive, but when sweating a lot during these hot days, drinking a sports drink with electrolytes or eating foods with a little sodium will help replenish your body, but too much can do what you expect-dehydrate.
  8. Stay Hydrated indoors or in pools: keep fluids on hand always.  Even in the AC or a cool pool, just because you're cool in the water doesn't mean your body will stay hydrated, so drink!
  9. Drink water while traveling: climates and altitudes can change your body, continue to hydrate, especially if traveling by plane, drink water during the flights.
  10. Keep track of your daily water intake/goal: using your weight & eyes ~>divide you weight in half (150/2=75) and that's how many ounces of water your body needs to be full hydrated. I recommend anywhere from the standard 8 glasses (64 oz) to half your weight.  Look at your pee, it should be the color of lemonade, not the color of water (too much hydration) or the color of iced-t (too little hydration).  Peeing with 45 min of drinking water is another good sign of being hydrated!
It's hot, yes we know, but part of staying cool is keeping your body hydrated.  Drink water, sparkling water, sports drinks, and eat your water-filled fruits & vegetables... you will stay hydrated and healthy!  Don't forget to check on the elderly and pets too, during this hot weather.

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