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Friday, April 13, 2012

Walking until my feet fall off...

I feel like I have been walking and standing (shoot, and running) so much this week, that I think my feet might fall off!  I don't know how New Yorkers' do it?!?  So, I am in Manhattan for the New York Auto Show, if you didn't figure that out already.  It's 10 days of walking around the display, answering questions, laughing at "jokes", and narrating on the featured vehicles for the manufacturer I work for... but it's also 10 days of walking to and from work everyday.  My hotel is in mid-town, and the show is at the Javitz.  That's about 1.2 miles, each way.  Sure, I could take a cab... but where's the fun in that?  Besides the weather has been beautiful everyday, thank you Spring!  I'm logging over 20 miles this trip, not counting my runs and excursions elsewhere.  New York is a walking city, everyone walks everywhere, FAST and with a PURPOSE!  I love it!  Yes, my legs are feeling it!  I wish every place was more conducive to walking, think about how much gas we would save, and how we would decrease pollution, while positively contributing to our health. 

You can turn your city or neighborhood into a walking city, by just walking.  Walk short distances: to the store, to the bank, to the coffee shop, to a friend/neighbor's house, to school or the bus stop, to the park... you get the picture.

If you don't live near anything (within 1 mile or so), or its not safe because of back roads or neighborhoods, try walking some of your errands at shopping centers.  Park at the far end, farthest away from the doors, and don't move your car, walk to the stores or stops you have to make.  Now, I'm not suggesting you walk to Costco's for your big monthly grocery trip, but keep your purchases to things you can easily carry, or make several drop offs at your car (but don't move your car).

At work you can walk too... walk to a co-workers desk instead of sending an email or picking up the phone, walk to pick up lunch instead of using a delivery service, walk your package to the mail room instead of scheduling a pick up, and park farther from the office door.

This sounds all wonderful in cities like New York, but this might not be doable in your area... so, just go for a 15-30 min walk; outside, in your neighborhood (or a new neighborhood), at the gym, or at a local park.  Walking is a great way to get in exercise without feeling like you are working out.  Try it, Walk until your feet fall off!

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