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Monday, April 2, 2012

Fit, Skinny, or Healthy?

Fit, skinny, or healthy... Which describes you? Is one more of a compliment than the others? How do you respond when someone calls you fit, skinny, or healthy? Since I have become more committed to my health; a healthy self, soul, and space; so many people have said to me... "you are so skinny!". I guess it should be a compliment, right? So, why am I confused as to what to say, "thank you" just doesn't seem right. In reality, I'm not skinny, I am within a normal weight range for my height... Actually, I am just the size I was pre-babies (2 kids in 2 years, can do some damage). Here's the thing, I am also not trying to be skinny, I am trying to insure I am living my healthiest life possible. I want my mind & body to be in great working condition, so I can enjoy the next 60+ years.

What about "healthy"? Forever, society used the word healthy to describe someone who is curvy, "big boned", or even obese. To me, healthy is a compliment. It shows me, that my healthy living is obvious. I take care of myself. Healthy should be used to describe just what it means. Being healthy means my numbers are at good levels, I am eating right, I am happy with myself, I am stress-free, I am physically active, and I am most of all not sick.

A week ago, a co-worker said to me, "wow, Ashley, you are fit!". I was so honored by her compliment, because it meant that my hard work in the gym was visible. She then proceeded to tell me, I had a "glow" about me. I thanked her, then proceeded to tell her, that was one of the best compliments I have ever heard. I told her about my healthy living journey, and why I am on this journey. FITness is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle, which is why I consider that a compliment.

Call me healthy, call me fit... Shoot, call me hot! But please don't call me skinny, that actually seems more like an insult. Take care of yourself, eat right, be active, stay stress-free, know your numbers, be happy with yourself, and that healthy "glow" will become obvious. Your body will be the size God intended it to be, so enjoy being healthy!

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